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Date Title
13 Sep 2000: IBM and Cobalt agree to market Chili!Soft ASP For AIX and LINUX
12 Sep 2000: IBM RS/6000 Server and DB2 Universal Database score benchmark knockout
12 Sep 2000: IBM Invests $200 Million in Database Tools
11 Sep 2000: IBM introduces ultimate in Web Server Clustering
08 Sep 2000: IBM and BroadVision Announce Global Agreement for e-Business Solutions on UNIX Servers
07 Sep 2000: New IBM Console Support Controller for S/390 Makes Managing Growth Easier and Cheaper
24 Aug 2000: Miami University goes back to school with IBM
18 Aug 2000: Fedex Ground selects IBM to improve package delivery in North America
16 Aug 2000: New IBM Supercomputer Puts ‘ASCI White’ Power to Work for Researchers at Boston University
15 Aug 2000: IBM And i2 Announce First Customers To Benefit from B2B Solutions On AS/400e
15 Aug 2000: SAP AG and IBM Announce General Availability of the S/390 SAP Application Server.
15 Aug 2000: IBM Continues Integration of Servers; More Closely Links AS/400e and Netfinity
03 Aug 2000: U.S. Defense Department selects IBM supercomputer to safeguard military operations
02 Aug 2000: IBM Introduces Pricing, Enhancements for Linux on S/390 Servers
26 Jul 2000: IBM AS/400e Server Sets Domino Scalability and Performance Records
26 Jul 2000: IBM Ships First Servers Powered by Silicon-on-Insulator Technology
26 Jul 2000: New IBM M80 Midrange UNIX server shatters key performance benchmark
25 Jul 2000: Bombay Launches Next Generation Site With IBM e-Business Solution
21 Jul 2000: IBM launches $200 million Linux initiative in europe, including major new European Linux development Centers
13 Jul 2000: Wimbledon 2000 nets widest audience ever; smashes records for IBM-powered Web sites

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