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04 Dec 2015: Giant Eagle Migrates IT Infrastructure to IBM Cloud for New Flexible Enterprise
03 Dec 2015: IBM Accelerates Hybrid Cloud Adoption With New Secure Direct Link Services
03 Dec 2015: IBM Delivers Online Merchants New Cognitive Capabilities That Turn Commerce Insights into More Powerful Customer Experiences
02 Dec 2015: Peace Corps and IBM Corporate Service Corps Team Up to Help Communities Around The World Thrive
02 Dec 2015: Manipal Hospitals Adopts Watson for Oncology to Help Physicians Identify Options for Individualized, Evidence-Based Cancer Care Across India
01 Dec 2015: IBM Advances Hybrid Capabilities to China, Unveils Bluemix Local
30 Nov 2015: IBM’s Watson Predicts Cyber Monday’s Top Products and Trends
27 Nov 2015: IBM’s Watson Predicts the Top Products and Trends for Black Friday
25 Nov 2015: MEDIA ALERT: New IBM Cloud Service Enables Developers to Rapidly Translate Apps into Nine Languages
20 Nov 2015: Gordon Bell Prize Awarded for Most Realistic Simulation of the Dynamics of Earth's Interior to Date; Opens Path to Better Understanding of Earthquakes and Volcanoes
20 Nov 2015: MEDIA ALERT: New IBM Cloud Tool Eliminates the Need for Users to Share Personal Data with Apps
19 Nov 2015: IBM Launches First Global Consortium, Consulting Practice To Modernize Venues and Sports Experience of the Future
18 Nov 2015: IBM’s Watson Forecasts Trends and Products for Holiday Season
18 Nov 2015: IBM Research and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Pioneer Next-Generation Cognitive Environments for Business Decision Making
17 Nov 2015: IBM Expands U.S. Federal Cloud Ecosystem with Five New Partners
17 Nov 2015: IBM Rallies Developers to Help Build New Cloud Apps for First Responders
16 Nov 2015: IBM and OpenPOWER Members Deliver Accelerated Technologies to Break Big Data Speed Barriers
16 Nov 2015: IBM and Xilinx Announce Strategic Collaboration to Accelerate Data Center Applications
12 Nov 2015: HCL and IBM to Develop Cloud Solutions to Enable Enterprise Digital Transformation
12 Nov 2015: IBM Announces developerWorks Premium to Accelerate Speed and Efficiency of Deploying Cloud Projects

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