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Date Title
22 May 2007: IBM Internet Security Systems Accelerates Network Performance With New Intrusion Prevention Appliance
21 May 2007: IBM Unleashes World's Fastest Chip in Powerful New Computer
21 May 2007: Three-Quarters of Insured Americans Are Satisfied With Their Insurance Agent and Remain Loyal
21 May 2007: IBM Sees Growing Market Demand for Service Oriented Architecture as Thousands Gather at Inaugural 'IMPACT' Global User Conference
18 May 2007: Western Michigan University Teams With IBM to Help Students Build Business and Technology Skills for the 21st Century
16 May 2007: IBM Recognized as Leading Provider of Enterprise Content Management in Market Report
16 May 2007: Made in IBM Labs: IBM Unveils User-Friendly Web Application Development Tool for Non-Techies, Small Businesses
16 May 2007: IBM Appoints Six New Fellows Who Explore the Boundaries of Technology
16 May 2007: IBM Introduces Breakthrough Grid Medical Computing Solution
16 May 2007: IBM Storage and Software Offerings Win Inaugural Brand Impact 2007 Awards
15 May 2007: Catholic Medical Center Taps IBM DB2 9 Viper to Improve Patient Care
15 May 2007: Live IBM Sales People to Staff New Virtual IBM Business Center
15 May 2007: IBM Governance and Risk Management Initiatives Help Secure and Optimize Clients' Business Operations
14 May 2007: IBM and VISICU Wire Pacific Rim With Remote Critical Care Services for Military
14 May 2007: IBM Virtualization Pays Dividends for SAP Customers
14 May 2007: IBM Receives Two Prestigious Service and Support Professionals Association Awards for Excellence in Customer Support
11 May 2007: Blue Gene, Progeny of IBM's Chess Champ, Deep Blue, Becomes an Engine of Scientific Discovery
10 May 2007: IBM Unveils Plan to Combat Data Center Energy Crisis; Allocates $1 Billion to Advance "Green" Technology and Services
10 May 2007: IBM Announces New Asset Recovery Offerings to Make it Easier for Data Center Owners To Turn In Old Technology and Go Green with New, More Energy-Efficient Solutions
10 May 2007: PG&E Collaborates with IBM to Reduce Energy Consumption in the Utility's California Data Centers by 80 Percent

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