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Date Title
07 Dec 1999: IBM Enterprise Storage Server Key to Storage Consolidation at Aetna U.S. Healthcare's Prudential Unit
07 Dec 1999: Benefits of IT Leasing Recognized: 95 of the 100 Largest U.S. Companies Rely On IBM Global Financing for Leasing and Financing IT Solutions
07 Dec 1999: NUMA-Q Servers Get Industry Leading Workload Management and SAN Features
06 Dec 1999: IBM Announces $100 Million Research Initiative to Build World's Fastest Supercomputer
02 Dec 1999: IBM, USA Technologies Announce Self-Service Breakthrough, E-Commerce Technology Offering New Way to Shop, Advertise
01 Dec 1999: IBM and Sprint to Extend the Sprint PCS Wireless Web to the Enterprise
01 Dec 1999: IBM Introduces Ready-to-Go Optical Networking Solution for S/390 Data Centers
30 Nov 1999: Arcadia Group Sign £75 Million Strategic IT Agreement with IBM
29 Nov 1999: IBM Partners with Extricity Software to Deliver Business-to-Business Integration Solutions
29 Nov 1999: IBM Expands Business Intelligence Initiative with NUMA-Q Teraplex Center for Data Warehousing
24 Nov 1999: Roots and IBM Canada Team Up to Launch in Time for Holiday Shopping Season
23 Nov 1999: New IBM Program Helps Customers Obtain Parts for Older PCs & Servers
18 Nov 1999: IBM Raises the Bar on Enterprise-Level Storage Performance
17 Nov 1999: IBM Supercomputer at Johns Hopkins Hunts for Clues to Heart and Brain Disease
17 Nov 1999: IBM Announces One-Stop Broadband Solution with Expanded ADSL Service from SBC Communications and New ADSL-Ready Aptiva PCs
17 Nov 1999: IBM Technology helps U.S. Airforce Design Safer Planes
17 Nov 1999: Worcester Polytechnic Institute Takes Delivery of IBM Supercomputer
17 Nov 1999: Schlumberger Chooses IBM RS/6000 SP for Seismic Imaging Centers
16 Nov 1999: Sales of IBM Enterprise Storage Server Reach Global Proportions
15 Nov 1999: IBM Introduces Services Offering for Windows 2000

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