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Date Title
17 Dec 2012: IBM Reveals Five Innovations That Will Change Our Lives within Five Years
10 Dec 2012: Made in IBM Labs: IBM Lights Up Silicon Chips to Tackle Big Data
14 Nov 2012: IBM and City of Lyon, France to Create Transportation Management Center of the Future
30 Oct 2012: Cleveland Clinic and IBM Work to Advance Watson’s Use in the Medical Training Field
28 Oct 2012: Made in IBM Labs: Researchers Demonstrate Initial Steps toward Commercial Fabrication of Carbon Nanotubes as a Successor to Silicon
25 Oct 2012: IBM Establishes the Smarter Energy Research Institute to Advance the Utility of the Future
23 Oct 2012: Made in IBM Labs: New IBM Analytics Software Helps Doctors Transition to Predictive Healthcare
22 Oct 2012: IBM Helps Organizations Tackle Industry Specific Big Data Challenges
22 Oct 2012: Survey Recognizes IBM as Greenest Company in U.S.
14 Sep 2012: IBM Scientists First to Distinguish Individual Molecular Bonds
28 Aug 2012: IBM Unveils zEnterprise EC12, a Highly Secure System for Cloud Computing and Enterprise Data
16 Aug 2012: IBM Research, CDC and PHDSC Enable Real-Time Reporting of Public Health Cases
13 Aug 2012: New IBM Research Lab to Open In Kenya
12 Aug 2012: IBM Scientists "Waltz" Closer to Using Spintronics in Computing
06 Aug 2012: Mobily Taps IBM for Business Transformation In Agreement Valued At About $280 million (1.05 billion Saudi Arabian Riyals)
25 Jul 2012: IBM to Boost Technical Skills in Mauritius
13 Jul 2012: IBM Collaborates with Russian Innovation Giants to Boost Microelectronics Industry
20 Apr 2012: IBM Research Boosts Battery 500 Project with New Materials Partners
02 Apr 2012: From Big Bang to Big Data: ASTRON and IBM Collaborate to Explore Origins of the Universe
08 Mar 2012: Made in IBM Labs: Holey Optochip First to Transfer One Trillion Bits of Information per Second Using the Power of Light

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