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Date Title
27 Dec 2010: City Government and IBM Close Partnership to Make Rio de Janeiro a Smarter City
27 Dec 2010: IBM Reveals Five Innovations That Will Change Our Lives in the Next Five Years
23 Dec 2010: Made in IBM Labs: Scientific Discovery Moves Racetrack Memory Closer to Reality
17 Dec 2010: IBM to Collaborate with Leading Singapore Institutions Using Analytics to Improve the Quality of Water, Transportation and Energy Services in a City
14 Dec 2010: IBM’s “Watson” Computing System to Challenge All Time Greatest Jeopardy! Champions
01 Dec 2010: Boeing and IBM Research Pilot Experimental Air Traffic Management Initiatives
01 Dec 2010: Made in IBM Labs: Breakthrough Chip Technology Lights the Path to Exascale Computing
22 Nov 2010: IBM Powers Russian Pharmaceutical Company PROTEK
19 Nov 2010: Report: IBM Supercomputers Are Most Energy Efficient in the World
19 Nov 2010: Made in IBM Labs: New Architecture Can Double Analytics Processing Speed
16 Nov 2010: IBM Research Teams With Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) to Make Power Grids Smarter
15 Nov 2010: Made in IBM Labs: McKesson Taps IBM to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Boost Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Efficiency
09 Nov 2010: Made in IBM Labs: New Chip Technology Paves the Way to a Faster Internet
04 Nov 2010: IBM Develops South Korea's First Renewable Energy Management System
04 Nov 2010: IBM and Shanghai Electric Power to Pilot New Smart Grid
04 Nov 2010: Made in IBM Labs: California State Water Control Board Partners with IBM to Improve Water Quality
29 Oct 2010: IBM Awards Powerful Computing System to University of Lugano for Research to Create Future Workload Optimized Systems
27 Oct 2010: European Union Research Initiative Aims to Increase Electronic Device Efficiency by 10x and Eliminate Power Consumption of Devices in Standby Mode
26 Oct 2010: IBM Analytics Helps Medical Researchers Detect Complication In Stroke Patients
22 Oct 2010: Made in IBM Labs: IBM Inventors Create Warning System to Accurately Analyze, Assess and Predict Natural Disasters

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