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Date Title
14 Dec 2010: IBM’s “Watson” Computing System to Challenge All Time Greatest Jeopardy! Champions
13 Dec 2010: IBM Helps Corpus Christi Build a Smarter City
07 Dec 2010: Made In IBM Labs: IBM Injects Predictive Analytics Into Global Technology Services
30 Nov 2010: Cyber Monday Online Spending Surpasses Black Friday Online, Reports IBM
19 Nov 2010: National Marrow Donor Program® to Speed Transplants with IBM Analytics Software
19 Nov 2010: Made in IBM Labs: New Architecture Can Double Analytics Processing Speed
18 Nov 2010: IBM Solution Keeps Bernard Chaus Fashion Operations Moving Forward
16 Nov 2010: IBM Research Teams With Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) to Make Power Grids Smarter
15 Nov 2010: Made in IBM Labs: McKesson Taps IBM to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Boost Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Efficiency
12 Nov 2010: Kazakh Railways Turns to IBM for Smarter Transportation System
11 Nov 2010: Norway Selects IBM to Create Smarter Healthcare Infrastructure
11 Nov 2010: IBM Completes Acquisition Of Netezza
11 Nov 2010: Study: Top-Performing Companies Choose Analytics Over Intuition for Decision Making
10 Nov 2010: IBM Builds on Global Client Experience to Bring Smart Software to Industries
09 Nov 2010: IBM Pledges $50 Million To Create 100 Smarter Cities
08 Nov 2010: IBM Launches New Software and Social Business Consulting Services
26 Oct 2010: Hundreds of Global Companies Turn to IBM to Tackle Their Most Complex Information-Related Challenges
26 Oct 2010: IBM Analytics Helps Medical Researchers Detect Complication In Stroke Patients
26 Oct 2010: IBM Introduces New Software to Help Customers Identify Critical Insights and Manage Business Content
25 Oct 2010: Visa Receives 2010 IBM Award for Innovation

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