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Date Title
19 Dec 2008: IBM Scientists Develop World's Fastest Graphene Transistor
18 Dec 2008: New Consortium to Fuel Breakthrough Collaborative Information Technology Growth and Build Next Generation Skills in South Carolina
09 Dec 2008: IBM Research and Samsung Electronics to Boost Automation in Consumer Electronics Industry
08 Dec 2008: "Smarter" Food Systems Required to Improve Safety and Availability of World's Food Supplies, Says IBM
08 Dec 2008: IBM and Researchers From Harvard Launch Project to Discover Lower Cost, More Efficient Solar Cells
02 Dec 2008: IBM Breaks New Ground With Interoperable Medical Imaging and Patient Data Archiving Solution
25 Nov 2008: IBM Reveals Five Innovations That Will Change Our Lives in the Next Five Years
20 Nov 2008: IBM and EDF Combine R&D Skills to Further Energy Sustainability
20 Nov 2008: IBM Develops Social Networking Tool to Help Drive Skills and Knowledge Sharing
20 Nov 2008: IBM Seeks to Build the Computer of the Future Based on Insights from the Brain
19 Nov 2008: IBM, National Grid and the Long Island Power Authority to Address Performance and Energy Savings for Customers
18 Nov 2008: IBM Research Partners With EU Consortium to Help Aging Population Overcome Cognitive Decline and Memory Loss
13 Nov 2008: IBM Unveils Resources To Help Entrepreneurs Innovate And Go Global To Ignite Economic Growth
06 Nov 2008: Cheminova in Global Agreement With IBM
06 Nov 2008: IBM Signs Agreement With Japan Industrial Waste Technology Center to Upgrade Registration and Management System
06 Nov 2008: Retailer METRO Group Selects IBM Traceability Solution to Manage Product Expiration Dates, Get Promotional Items Onto Store Shelves Sooner
05 Nov 2008: IBM Commits to Future of ODF With Symphony Roadmap
30 Oct 2008: The Alphabet, Tyrian Purple... and Genes: Genographic Scientists Uncover New Piece of Phoenician Legacy
29 Oct 2008: IBM and University of Saskatchewan Accelerate Research to Reduce Greenhouse Gases
29 Oct 2008: MADE IN IBM LABS: IBM Research Unveils "Security-on-a-Stick" to Protect Consumers and Banks From Sophisticated Hacker Attacks

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