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Date Title
21 Nov 2008: IBM system in Warsaw University is the most energy efficient supercomputer in the world
17 Nov 2008: IBM Burns Through Record Book With 9th Straight No.1 Showing Atop World Supercomputer List
10 Nov 2008: IBM's New Appliance Eases IT Headaches as Small Business Server Alternative
09 Sep 2008: IBM Supercomputer Boosts Bulgaria's Advance Towards Knowledge-Based Economy
08 Sep 2008: IBM Announces Sweeping Initiative to Address Major Shift in The Flow of World's Data
05 Aug 2008: IBM, Canonical/Ubuntu, Novell, Red Hat to Deliver Microsoft-Free Desktops Worldwide
05 Aug 2008: IBM Announces New Products and Initiatives to Enable Next-Generation Linux
05 Aug 2008: IBM Contributes Key Open-Source Code for Linux Supercomputers
05 Aug 2008: The Linux World Builds SMB Market Opportunity With Software Appliances From Lotus Foundations and ISVs
09 Jun 2008: Fact Sheet & Background: Roadrunner Smashes the Petaflop Barrier
19 May 2008: IBM Delivers New Service Management Software and Services to Help Organizations Improve Operational Efficiency
07 May 2008: IBM Prepares Students in Asia to Meet Global Software Skills Demand
08 Apr 2008: IBM Unleashes World's Fastest UNIX System, Offers Twice the Performance of HP Itanium System at Comparable Price
05 Feb 2008: IBM and European Union Launch Joint Research Initiative for Cloud Computing
29 Jan 2008: IBM Brings Power of World’s Fastest Chip, Efficiencies of New Virtualization Technology to SMB Customers
21 Jan 2008: IBM Accelerates Desktop Customer Choice With Support for Ubuntu, Red Hat and Novell Software

1 - 16 of 16 results

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