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Date Title
20 Dec 2007: Made in IBM Labs: IBM Introduces Free Smart e-mail Search Software
18 Dec 2007: Made in IBM Virtual Labs: CIOs drive growth and “flatten the world”
18 Dec 2007: IBM Reveals Five Innovations that Will Change Our Lives Over the Next Five Years
14 Dec 2007: IBM Commemorates 60th Anniversary of the Transistor and Decades of Innovations
07 Dec 2007: JSR and IBM Collaborate on Next-Generation Lithography, Self-Assembly
06 Dec 2007: New IBM Research Technology Could Enable Today's Massive Supercomputers to be Tomorrow's Tiny Computer Chips
04 Dec 2007: IBM Donates Blue Gene/P Supercomputer to Spur Scientific and Socio-economic Growth in Africa
04 Dec 2007: IBM Plans Investment Increase in Sub-Saharan Africa
28 Nov 2007: IBM, Universities and Businesses Launch Service Science Initiative in Singapore
16 Nov 2007: IBM, Universities Collaborate on Technologies for the Aging Workforce
21 Oct 2007: IBM and MediaTek to Bring Wireless High Definition TV and Movies to Consumers
15 Oct 2007: IBM Scientists Create Method to Measure the Performance of Carbon Nanotubes as Building Blocks for Ultra Tiny Computer Chips of the Future
10 Oct 2007: IBM and Linden Lab Launch Collaboration to Further Advance the 3D Internet
08 Oct 2007: Google and IBM Announce University Initiative to Address Internet-Scale Computing Challenges
26 Sep 2007: IBM Research Unveils 3D Avatar to Help Doctors Visualize Patient Records and Improve Care
13 Sep 2007: IBM Unveils Service -- Powered by IBM Research -- to Assess Economic and Social Impacts of Pandemics on Business
12 Sep 2007: IBM Research Demonstrates Innovative 'Speech to Sign Language' Translation System
11 Sep 2007: IBM Researchers Bring Printing to the Nanoscale with New Fabrication Technique
30 Aug 2007: IBM Marks More Than Two Decades of Nanotechnology Leadership
30 Aug 2007: IBM Unveils Two Major Nanotechnology Breakthroughs as Building Blocks for Atomic Structures and Devices

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