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Date Title
16 Dec 2005: IBM and Universities Launch Latin American Grid Computing Initiative
14 Dec 2005: IBM Takes Next Step in Opening Power Architecture to Research and Education Community
06 Dec 2005: IBM awarded Gordon Bell Prize
24 Nov 2005: IBM researcher John Vlissides passed away on November 24
16 Nov 2005: IBM innovation garners National Medal of Technology
16 Nov 2005: IBM Releases ``IBM and the Future of our Cities'' Podcast
14 Nov 2005: REPORT: IBM Continues Global Supercomputing Lead; Delivers More Than a Petaflop of Computing Power
08 Nov 2005: IBM Joins Forces With the Some of World's Top Cancer Centers to Accelerate Research, Diagnosis and Treatment
07 Nov 2005: IBM Helps Federal Agencies Assess Organizational Needs for Managing Wildland Fire
03 Nov 2005: IBM Scientists Harness ``Slow Light'' for Optical Communications
11 Oct 2005: IBM Introduces New Solutions, Services for Mid-Sized Businesses
30 Aug 2005: IBM Offers Advanced Early Warning for Automotive Industry
22 Aug 2005: Fleet Science Center Joins World Community Grid
18 Aug 2005: IBM opens new research facility in Bangalore to focus on innovative technologies for improving IT services
17 Aug 2005: IBM Transforms the Art of Scientific Expeditions
08 Aug 2005: IBM to Open Source Technology for Analysis of Unstructured Information
05 Aug 2005: IBM Announces Next Generation Silicon Germanium Technology
12 Jul 2005: Leveraging Technology From IBM Research, IBM Announces New Service to Help Small and Mid-Sized Businesses Reduce Inventory Costs, Improve Customer Responsiveness
22 Jun 2005: REPORT: IBM Dominates Global Supercomputing, Commanding Leadership for the US
15 Jun 2005: Investing in the future: IBM Haifa's community relations program holds graduation for 40 students

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