Robocode is The Number One Download on IBM alphaWorks

Battling Robots Java Learning Game License Now Available For Academic Institutions

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CUPERTINO, CA - 28 Nov 2001: IBM alphaWorks*, offering developers direct access to IBM emerging technology, today announced that a battling Java robots game has just become its most popular download ever, with 80,000 downloads since August, and is now offering free licenses to academic institutions. Robocode is a programming game that teaches emerging Java developers by helping them create Java 'bots' -- real Java objects that battle onscreen.

At the University of Michigan, Dr Sandra Bartlett, a computer science professor, is pointing her students toward Robocode as a great way to earn credit. "Learning is most effective when the student becomes enthusiastic about the subject and Robocode allows my students to invest themselves in their grade-projects," she said. "Robocode is an excellent platform to build assignments around. Students are getting excited about writing code; and the more code they write, the better they get."

The popularity of Robocode reflects the idea that using technology to teach technology can be motivational. Robocode is easy to learn and as the users Java skill increases, the robot acquires additional features and functionality. The structure of the game makes it suitable for everyone from 'Java beginners' right through to professional developers wanting to sharpen their skills.

"All my Java training was boring," explained Mat Nelson, an IBM Advanced Internet Technology developer and creator of Robocode. "I wanted to create something that people could use to build their skills, but just as importantly, I wanted them to have fun while they were doing it."

From its initial posting on alphaWorks, a host of user groups and web sites including 'Robocode Repository' and 'The Robocode Yahoo Group' have been built by enthusiasts to bring Robocode fanatics together to play and learn (you will find these and more linked at

Says Daniel Jue, manager of alphaWorks, "alphaWorks again demonstrates its value to the developer community by showcasing the future of technology. Robocode is one technology we feel can help change the way academic institutions teach programming in the future."

The Advanced Internet Technology team is a cross-company team whose mission is to accelerate advanced Internet technology inside IBM.

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