IBM Technology Helps Customers Improve Web Site Performance and Reliability

New Software Tools, Business Partners Provide Real-Time Feedback to Analyze e-Business Infrastructure

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SOMERS, NY - 19 Dec 2001: IBM is introducing new e-business analytics technology and business partner support to help companies improve the overall effectiveness of their Web site and e-business applications after they are put into place. New software tools from WebSphere and Tivoli will provide a continuous loop of real-time feedback that enables companies to improve the performance of their Web site by closely tracking and analyzing visitor behavior such as buying patterns.

With IBM's new analytics technology dashboard, customers can easily track and analyze application and hardware bottlenecks so they can be resolved quickly. Businesses can increase Web site relevance and ease-of-use for visitors and trading partners, thereby attracting and retaining a wider audience.

E-business analytics are becoming even more crucial as companies begin to build Web services. The need for Web site utilization and performance analysis will grow as Web services propels a big increase in transactions within and outside of an enterprise. WebSphere's new analytics software is fully enabled to support Web services standards, including SOAP, UDDI, XML and WSDL.

IBM is announcing:

Companies can use the information to increase the site's relevance and ease-of-use for visitors and trading partners, thereby attracting a wider audience, improve customer service, and increase sales on the site.

Since IBM's new software can be easily plugged into WebSphere infrastructure software, IBM also announced that more than 15 independent software vendors are building performance monitoring and integrating customized dashboards and monitoring technology to analyze WebSphere-specific performance data. They include Altaworks, Cacheon, Candle, Computer Associates, Cynea, BMC, Dirig Software, Empirix, Mercury Interactive MQ Software, Nastel, Precise Software, Quest Software, Segue Software, Sitraka, Spartacus, Versant and Wily Technology.

"Once a company launches an e-business, the focus shifts to maintaining and optimizing performance of the infrastructure to handle complex integration and transactions," according to Scott Hebner, Director of Marketing for IBM WebSphere. "IBM is introducing a new set of integrated analytics products, coupled with a growing list of vendors who are building analytics and systems management solutions for WebSphere."

Price and Availability:
WebSphere Site Analyzer: $20,000 per processor; available immediately WebSphere Extended Personalization (also includes WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Studio, WebSphere Personalization) -- $40,000 per processor; available immediately Tivoli Web Services Manager Version 1.7 - prices start at $12,400; available immediately.

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