IBM's Netvista Kiosk Now Offers Retailers and Consumers More Choices and Convenience

Faster processing, increased hard drive and more touch-screen options available

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Raleigh, North Carolina - 22 Jan 2002: IBM today announced that its NetVista Kiosk is now available with faster processing power, increased hard drive capacity and a larger capacitive touch screen. Featuring a sleek design and engineered for high performance and reliability, the IBM NetVista Kiosk gives retailers a platform to run advanced self-service applications in virtually any environment.

Solutions built on the IBM NetVista Kiosk platform provide added convenience by allowing consumers to buy catalog merchandise, Web-only products, or other goods and services at one location. In-store shoppers, for example, can browse gift registries, personally configure products or services such as home entertainment centers, research items and compare alternatives at the kiosk before making a selection.

"Today's consumers demand a convenient alternative for self-service technology, and retailers value reliability, flexibility and investment protection. The IBM NetVista Kiosks is designed to meet those unique challenges and link with other technology to help ensure a seamless e-business infrastructure," said Tom Peterson, general manager, IBM Retail Store Solutions. "We are committed to helping retailers use technology to give their customers the one-to-one attention they want. Kiosks are an important part of an integrated multichannel strategy."

With more choices, the IBM NetVista Kiosk gives businesses of various sizes the flexibility to offer their customers the best of both bricks and clicks. It is especially suited for the unique requirements of retail, but also is well suited for other industries, such as banking, government, human resources, transportation, and entertainment.

For example, the NetVista Kiosk allows banks to offer their customers a Web-enabled, self-service alternative to waiting in lines at the branch. Governments can use kiosks to improve the efficiency of delivering services and information to citizens. Transportation and entertainment companies can give their customers more choices and convenience when purchasing tickets.

The NetVista Kiosk also helps retail store employees provide better service, since those employees can now access corporate systems online at the kiosk without leaving the sales floor. Critical customer service information, such as the location of out-of-stock merchandise, is now readily available. They can also access human resources systems to view their assigned work hours, enter requests for scheduling changes, or participate in multimedia training.

Depending on requirements, customers can now choose from two different models of the IBM NetVista Kiosk.

The two models are:

Depending on the configuration, the NetVista Kiosk list price ranges from about $4,200 to $10,000, with volume discounts available from IBM and IBM Business Partners.

IBM Kiosk System Management Tools
In a self-service environment, customer convenience and kiosk availability are critical. Kiosks must be managed in real-time to ensure they are providing the optimum level of service and are always functioning.

Through IBM and its StoreProven network of business partners, the IBM NetVista Kiosk is available with a powerful suite of system management tools. These tools enable businesses to manage their network of NetVista Kiosks, providing detailed hardware status, application and content management, network connection monitoring and many other features. The IBM NetVista Kiosk can be managed on-site or remotely, providing businesses with flexibility and ensuring their customers receive the highest level of service and availability.

Innovative Technology
Kiosks must withstand rough treatment from shoppers. That's why the IBM NetVista Kiosk is "hardened" to endure the demanding in-store environment. The kiosk's strong, sheet-metal, powder-coated enclosure helps resist damage. Sealed buttons, ports and slots, as well as security locks, help prevent tampering. The system's spill-resistant, sealed construction protects electronics against dust, dirt and moisture. Cooling pipe technology, for example, uses a water-filled pipe to draw heat away from the sensitive electronics, instead of a conventional fan-based cooling system that could draw in airborne contaminants like dust.

The kiosk is equipped to run the most advanced applications, whether off-the-shelf, created by IBM, developed by Independent Software Vendors, or written by an in-house team. The integrated unit includes an active matrix LCD easy to use touch-screen interface, a 3D graphics accelerator for full-motion video and multimedia, an infrared presence sensor, and Ethernet for LAN and Web connectivity.

The NetVista Kiosk includes the choice of a wide range of peripherals, including kiosk printers, integrated speakers, magnetic stripe readers, bar-code scanners, keyboards and uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Plus, the kiosk offers a PC card expansion slot for wireless and modem connections. RS-232, USB and parallel ports provide even more options for optional devices such as a CD-ROM, camera, smart card reader or other application-specific devices.

The NetVista Kiosk platform also has a wide variety of solutions that have been tested by solution vendors through the IBM StoreProvenTM program to ensure they meet IBM compatibility guidelines. A list of StoreProven solutions can be found on

IBM: The Kiosk Solution Provider
IBM has been creating customized kiosks for 15 years for large customers such as British Airways, US Airways, and Hudson's Bay Company, Canada's oldest and largest department store retailer. In addition to systems integration expertise from IBM Global Services, IBM also has deep experience in helping retailers implement pedestal, wall mount and countertop kiosks and linking them to the rest of the retailer's enterprise.

IBM Retail Industry
IBM, the world's leading e-business and information technology company, provides the Retail Industry with a full range of e-business solutions, including: hardware and software technology; consulting focused on business transformation, IT strategy and planning, store operations improvement, and supply chain optimization, and with services, such as outsourcing, managed operations, systems integration, and application development and design. The IBM NetVista kiosk is one of the key elements of the IBM MerchantReach strategy, a portfolio of solutions allowing retailers of all sizes to integrate their multiple sales channels while leveraging existing investments. For more information on IBM Retail Solutions, please visit

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