IBM Microdrive Receives "Thumbs-Up" From PDA Manufacturers

1 Gigabyte Microdrive Extends Multimedia Experience For PDA Users

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NEW YORK, NY - 20 Feb 2002: Manufacturers of the industry's leading personal digital assistants have given their products a capacity boost by offering full compatibility with the IBM Microdrive. IBM's one-inch removable hard disk drive has the ability to support storage-intensive multimedia applications and volumes of data required by mobile users -- more so than any other removable storage product on the market today. In the two years since its release, Compaq, Casio, Hewlett Packard and Toshiba have all unveiled PDAs that feature support for the IBM Microdrive -- the world's smallest hard disk drive. With a 1 gigabyte (GB) capacity in a matchbox-sized form factor, the IBM Microdrive is the highest capacity removable storage for personal digital assistants.

Handheld users can access more applications and maintain large databases of information conveniently with the IBM Microdrive. With a maximum sustained data rate exceeding 4 MB/sec, the IBM Microdrive provides the high performance that consumers have come to expect from hard disk drives in their PCs. As a result, large files can be transferred very quickly, and users can be much more productive. Capacity and portability have converged in the Microdrive to provide users with the personal storage they need to store e-mails and contacts, reports and presentations, audio, video and images in a single handheld device.

According to research firm Cahners In-Stat, global shipments of PDAs grew 17% in 2001 despite a weak global economy and continuing erosion of U.S. consumer confidence. Shipments in 2002 for PDAs are expected to increase about 18%. According to Cahners In-Stat, the future will be about making the PDA a more ubiquitous device and more useful to both the mobile business user and the on-the-go consumer. To handle more robust devices with newer and more reliable applications, many manufacturers have selected the IBM Microdrive as the storage format of choice.

"Pocket PCs offer customers one of the best ways to connect to their most essential information while away from their desk, yet are versatile enough to satisfy the personal needs of today's busy mobile lifestyle," said John Osterhout, Microdrive director of marketing, IBM Storage Technology Division. "Pocket PCs already include a broad range of native business, personal productivity and entertainment applications, yet can easily be expanded to adapt to each customer's changing needs through the high capacity, high performance Microdrive."

"Together, the iPAQ Pocket PC and IBM Microdrive enable users to reach the full potential of mobile computing," said Cindy Box, Compaq's director of marketing, iPAQ Mobile Solutions. "As the undisputed leader in Pocket PCs, Compaq continues to define the next generation of voice and data access solutions that fit in your hand. For data-intensive multimedia applications, the iPAQ Pocket PC combined with IBM's high-capacity removable Microdrive storage is an ideal solution."

"HP believes that a truly mobile experience unites mobile computing with digital entertainment and digital imaging capabilities. With its ability to store large amounts of data and the support of multimedia applications, the IBM Microdrive is a compelling option for HP's Jornada* 560 PDAs," said John Spofford, vice president and general manager of HP's Smart Handheld Appliances.

"Toshiba's GENIOe Pocket PC is designed to redefine the PDA market by realizing higher levels of functionality and full interoperability with corporate IT systems, including groupware, SCM and CRM," said Hidehito Koka, Senior Manager of PDA Product Division, Toshiba's Mobile Communications Company. "We wanted a storage solution as powerful as our PDA and selected the IBM Microdrive."

"The Microdrive family of 1-inch disk drives delivers high capacity and quick connectivity for the CASSIOPEIA E-200," said Koji Moriya, General Manager of 1st MNS Division, Casio Computer Co., Ltd. "Only the Microdrive provides mobile professionals with read/write times that won't slow them down."

The following PDAs, with prices beginning at $499, currently support the IBM Microdrive:

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