Addendum to IBM Statement on Nazi-era Book and Lawsuit

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ARMONK, NY - 29 Mar 2002: Recently a paperback edition of the Edwin Black book has appeared with additional speculation regarding the use of IBM-made equipment in Poland during World War II.

As we said last year when the book first appeared: The Nazi regime used equipment manufactured by IBM's German subsidiary; that has been well-known for decades. That, and other well-known facts about IBM, were the basis of allegations in last year's book and appear to be used in similar fashion in the new segments in the just-issued paperback. There are no new findings here.

Since its publication, the research behind the book and the conclusions reached by its author have been questioned. A review in The New York Times concluded that the author's "... case is long and heavily documented, and yet he does not demonstrate that I.B.M. bears some unique or decisive responsibility for the evil that was done." Another assessment of the book by a well-regarded academic expert called the original charges "implausible" and the book "deplorable."

In addition, Mr. Black is asserting that IBM is withholding materials regarding this era in its archives. There is no basis for such assertions and we deplore the use of such claims to sell books.

IBM will continue to cooperate and support legitimate research. IBM turned over archival materials on this subject to reputable universities, and Mr. Black is well aware of this fact, despite his claims to the contrary. The company has also made it clear that if additional documents related to this era are found, IBM will make those materials available as well.

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