Logging Equipment Provider Says, "Our IBM iSeries System Is an IT Department In-a-Box"

For Decades, Small Business Has Gone Without IT Staff Since the iSeries 'Runs Itself' and 'Never Crashes' ; All-in-One Features Allowed Remote Installation of New System

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ARMONK, NY - 28 Nov 2005: IBM today announced that Suttle Equipment, Arkansas-based provider of timber harvesting equipment, has modernized its critical business operations with an IBM eServer iSeries system at the core of its on demand technology network.

Working with IBM and IBM Business Partner, CRT International Inc. (CRTI), Suttle Equipment now saves significant time and money since implementing an IBM iSeries system with CRTI's advanced software solution to access and analyze inventory, sales and receivables data in real-time. Before the upgrade, Suttle Equipment, a small business with 50 employees, relied on a courier service to collect and deliver data tapes from its three Arkansas locations to company headquarters for analysis -- a process that took up to three days. The company's new infrastructure digitizes this process and enables the store sales analysis to happen in just five minutes.

"This machine never goes down! The reliability of the iSeries system is why Suttle Equipment has been able to operate for so long without an on-site IT staff," says Jimmy McLaughlin, executive treasurer, Suttle Equipment. "Now, with the new IBM i5 system, CRTI's support and software, we've been able to move everything online, speed up business processes, and easily prepare for future growth."

Since Suttle does not have an on-site IT support staff, the company needed to upgrade to a system that requires little maintenance and ideally, could be installed remotely. CRTI, using its QuickSilver Programmer's Tool Kit, transitioned select software and software upgrades to the iSeries platform allowing the customer to conduct the implementation with the aid of CRTI representatives over the phone. This process required such minor administration that the entire project was completed remotely in just 60 days.

With the enhanced capabilities of the IBM iSeries system, Suttle Equipment has been able to implement a streamlined electronic invoice system -- eliminating the cost associated with a paper-based system. With invoices stored online, Suttle can easily search for parts, bills, etc. in order to expedite their customers' requests. On sales or customer service calls, Suttle Equipment's field teams are able to search for needed information from their cars via laptop computers, rather than having to travel to a Suttle Equipment location. This on demand process saves time and resources for both Suttle and the customer.

"IBM Business Partners working with small to mid-sized businesses to create innovative, problem solving solutions is a leading objective of the iSeries Initiative for Innovation launched on February of this year," says Mark Shearer, general manager, IBM eServer iSeries. "The partnership between Suttle Equipment and CRTI resulted in a cost-effective on demand technology solution. The iSeries system is an all-in-one computing system ideal for companies looking to better serve customers while decreasing labor and the overall cost of doing business."