IBM Brings Virtualization to Print Environments

Two New Software Products Help Deliver Flexibility and Automation to Print

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Advancing print process automation - 22 Aug 2005:

PSF version 4 runs on z/OS V1R4 or later, and z/OS.e V1R4 or later releases. The new AFP Download Plus feature of PSF automates the process of preparing print jobs on z/OS for production printing at another site. In addition to creating a print-ready file for delivery, it can provide increased security through automatic file encryption to protect against unauthorized access to the print data and resources. IBM Print Services Facility (PSF) for z/OS version 4 is scheduled to be generally available on November 25, 2005.

Scalable solution designed to increase print system flexibility
IBM Infoprint Transform Manager for Linux® Version 1, Release 2 works in tandem with IBM Infoprint Manager, Infoprint Server for z/OS, and an AFP architecture to boost efficiency and help lower operating costs. The enhanced IBM Infoprint Transform Manager for Linux is designed to integrate seamlessly with Infoprint Manager for Windows or AIX 5L -- and now Infoprint Server for z/OS -- to handle data and image intensive transforms. Infoprint Transform Manager allows print jobs to be spread across multiple processors or blade servers, so processing power can grow as needs grow. IBM Infoprint Transform Manager for Linux Version 1, Release 2 is scheduled to be generally available on December 16, 2005.