Linux(TM) Extensions, Key Software Development Tools Released for Cell Broadband Engine Microprocessor

New Cell Broadband Engine Software Development Kit Offers Programmers Open Access to Broad Array of Components, Services, Resources

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ARMONK, NY - 09 Nov 2005: IBM, Sony and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (Sony and SCE together referred to as "Sony Group") today announced the release of new software components and documentation -- including extensions to Linux(TM) that support Cell programming -- for the groundbreaking Cell Broadband Engine Architecture (CBEA) technology. These resources are available on developerWorks (, IBM's forum for developers, and through the University of Barcelona Supercomputing Center.

"With this software and documentation, IBM, along with Sony Group and Toshiba, are providing the means to explore as yet undiscovered uses for the Cell Broadband Engine through developing value-add software applications," said Jim Kahle, IBM Fellow. "Our joint commitment to open and early access to these technologies will continue the growth of a robust programming community able to fully exploit the amazing capabilities of the Cell Broadband Engine Architecture."

The following Linux operating system, compilers, and utilities are now available that provide software fundamental infrastructure for the Cell Broadband Engine (CBE) microprocessor.

The Cell Broadband Engine (CBE) Software Development Kit enables developers to explore the capabilities of the CBEA technology using the following software and documents:

"This joint effort by IBM, Toshiba and the Sony Group to build the Cell development infrastructure is an important step into the future," said Masakazu Suzuoki, deputy senior vice president, Semiconductor Development Division, SCEI. "I believe that it will also strongly support the PlayStation as well as the digital consumer electronics businesses."

By opening up a wide set of technical specifications to software developers, Business Partners, academic and research organizations, and potential customers, IBM, Sony Group and Toshiba continue their work to aggressively stimulate the creation of applications for CBEA technology. The goal: establish a thriving community of interest and innovation around the Cell Broadband Engine Architecture technology, allowing all interested parties to rapidly evaluate and utilize the unique capabilities of CBEA technology. IBM has also launched a new section on alphaWorks focused on these new technologies. The alphaWorks Web site ( is a strategic initiative that has enabled IBM to reach a broader range of early software developers and get its offerings to market faster.

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