IBM Introduces Record Breaking Power5+ Computing Systems

NewPOWER5+ Servers Shatter 14 World-Records for Computing Performance (1); Provide Unmatched Power for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

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ARMONK, NY - 04 Oct 2005: IBM today announced new UNIX® systems for small and medium-sized businesses that use an enhanced version of the POWER5(TM) chip to shatter fifteen world records in key benchmarks for entry level UNIX and Linux servers. The new IBM System p5 Express servers are equipped with POWER5+(TM) microprocessor technology and are specifically designed for the processing requirements of small to mid-sized companies or branch locations running business-critical database applications in retail, wholesale, distribution and financial services.

The introduction of the new IBM System p5 servers with POWER5+ technology provide small and medium businesses with new choices for deploying high performance computing capabilities in their IT infrastructure. Additionally, new easy-to-use software tools make management of the new servers as simple as point-and-click with the new Integrated Virtualization Manager and IBM Director 5.1. The new IBM System p5 servers range from a new 8-way server for scale up environments and server consolidation, to dense rack form factors for e-mail, web, file and print serving and dense clustering in scale out environments, to new "scale within" capabilities with fast, easy-to-use virtualization.

New System p5 systems from IBM are available with a combination of AIX 5L(TM) UNIX, Red Hat or Novell SUSE LINUX operating systems. They include:

The IBM System p5 550Q - uses the industry's first Quad Core Module for database applications and delivers the fastest 8-way SPECjbb2005 results ever recorded (1). The new 1.5 GHz quad-core POWER5+ processor package can run up to twice as many workloads as previous 4-way IBM eServer® p5 550 servers. For example, using Simultaneous Multi-Threading, the new eight-way p5-550Q with POWER5+ processor - through two quad-core modules with up to sixteen simultaneous threads - allows customers to consolidate multiple servers into one, easy-to-manage system.

The IBM System p5 520 - the fastest 2-way Java(TM) business server in the industry (1), the p5-520 is built with IBM's most advanced microprocessor technology, IBM POWER5+. It is designed for use as a small database server, a branch applications server, and for highly secure e-business and business intelligence (BI) and high-performance computing (HPC) applications for enterprises of all sizes.

The IBM System p5 550 - is a 4-way database server with 1.9 GHz POWER5+ dual-core modules. It can function as a scalable database or versatile departmental or regional server for businesses of all sizes and is a strategic platform for scalable database servers, e-commerce application servers, Web servers, operations systems, and for BI and HPC workloads. In addition, the p5-550 is the fastest 4-way Java business and Web application server, the fastest 4-processor SAP SD 2-tier application server on the Linux® OS, and scored world-record performance on the Notesbench benchmark. (1)

The IBM System p5 505 - is an all new dense rack server in a 1U form factor utilizing 1.5GHz and 1.65GHz POWER5 processors in 1 and 2-way configurations. Perfect for scale-out implementations, the new p5-505 can help small and medium-sized companies reach new levels of performance, flexibility and functionality in their IT infrastructures or dense high performance computing clusters. The p5-505 delivers twice the storage and memory capacity (9), and faster SPECfp_rate performance than the Sun Fire X4100. (2)

"IBM is the leader in delivering breakthrough technologies to UNIX customers that enable extraordinary on demand business performance," said Adalio Sanchez, general manager, IBM System pSeries. "The new POWER5+ systems continue this tradition, bringing a faster, and more energy efficient processor that boosts speed, performance and value for today's most intensive mission critical applications."

The new server systems are part of the IBM Express Portfolio, developed to meet the needs of start-up, small and mid-sized companies. Express Offerings provide robust capabilities while taking into account the limited resources many SMBs face. IBM Express Offerings enable SMBs to better serve customers, increase revenue and reduce acquisition and maintenance costs with open easy-to-purchase solutions. The new IBM System p5 Express offerings come in two new editions: the AIX 5L Edition for customers preferring a robust, innovative UNIX operating system, and the OpenPower(tm) Edition for customers who prefer the open source Linux operating system. Customers can add additional AIX 5L or Linux partitions to either edition and run both operating systems simultaneously. All System p5 Express models come with a standard 3-year warranty providing small and medium business customers the peace of mind of extended IBM service and support.

The New System p5 servers are some of the most decorated servers in computing history, attaining the top results in fifteen key performance benchmarks ranging from enterprise resource planning (ERP), Web and File Serving and collaboration applications to Java Business and High Performance Computing. (1)

The IBM System p5 520, 550 and 550Q deliver world record Java (SPECjbb2005) performance for 2, 4 and 8-way systems respectively and the p5-550 delivers world record web performance for 4-way systems on the SPECweb2005 benchmark. (1)

The new IBM System p5 550Q with 1.5GHz POWER5+ Quad-Core module technology delivers 28% better price/performance than the newly announced Sun Fire V890 with the 1.5GHz UltraSPARC IV+ processors on the NotesBench benchmark. (3)

The p5-550Q outperforms the eight-core Sun Fire V40z by 16% in SPECompM2001 performance. (4)

The new 4-way IBM System p5 550 with 1.9GHz POWER5+ technology delivers world-record 4-processor SAP SD 2-tier performance on the Linux OS, beating the Sun Fire V40z by 21%. (5)

The new 2-way IBM System p5 520 also with 1.9GHz POWER5+ outperforms the new Sun Fire X4200 by 21% on SPECjbb2005 and outperforms the new Sun Fire X4100 by 29% on SPECfp2000. (6)

POWER5+ is a "server on a chip" containing two processors, a high-bandwidth system switch, a large memory cache and I/O interface. The latest version is available in 1.5 and 1.9 gigahertz, and up to 72MB of on board cache memory and is based on technologies that enable IBM eServers systems to provide customers improved performance and decreased IT footprint size through logical partitioning. With the POWER5+ processor, IBM is enhancing the features and speed that have made the POWER5 processor the measuring stick of UNIX servers, while offering customers the price performance value they need to justify a long-term investment in their data centers

According to IDC, IBM POWER servers have seen remarkable revenue share growth and the POWER architecture is now an industry leading 64-bit architecture. Since the announcement of the POWER5 processor in August 2004, IBM has increased its UNIX revenue share by 31.8% according to IDC. In Q205, according to IDC, IBM was the number one UNIX server vendor based on revenue share, compared to Sun and HP. (6.5)

IBM also announced today new systems for high performance computing. They include

The 16-way IBM eServer p5 575 - designed for supercomputing applications and intensive numerical calculation, the new p5-575 offers over 50% more performance than the 8-way p5-575. (7)The p5-575 cluster node is capable of sustaining 87.3 Gflop/s of performance, marking a major step in the evolution of high-powered, off-the-shelf building blocks that are tailored to meet the demands of a broad range of compute-intensive or memory bandwidth-intensive applications. With up to 192 processors installed in a single twenty-four inch wide system frame, this ultra-thin p5-575 can be used to advance high performance computing projects in the areas of engineering problem solving, drug design, oil reservoir modeling and weather forecasting.

The IntelliStation POWER 285 - is the first POWER5+ workstation and provides new levels of UNIX performance for computer aided engineering applications like CATIA, broadly used by the world's leading automotive and aerospace companies. The IntelliStation POWER 285 offers more than twice the performance of the Sun Blade 2500 with outstanding floating point performance - critical for numeric-intensive engineering applications. (8)

New, Easier-to-use Virtualization Capabilities. With the new Integrated Virtualization Manager (IVM), IBM is simplifying System p5 systems virtualization deployment. Using the new wizard-driven, browser-based user interface, customers can create a micropartition ready for installation of either the AIX 5L or Linux OS with a mere 3 clicks of the mouse. IVM comes packaged at no additional cost with the optional purchase of Advanced POWER Virtualization on IBM System p5 servers. The Integrated Virtualization Manager is designed to dramatically reduce the complexity and time involved to setup and configure multiple partition environments, using IBM's Micro-Partitioning capabilities.

Easier Systems Management. IBM Director 5.1 is a comprehensive, easy-to-use software tool that provides flexible, cross-platform systems management to help maximize system availability and reduce IT costs. Planned to be available as a no-charge download on November 25, 2005, IBM Director allows IT administrators to distribute software, view and track hardware and software inventory, issue commands and monitor the usage and performance of critical components such as processors, disks and memory across distributed systems. Director is controlled from a simple, point-and-click graphical interface and provides significant automation such as automated responses and management-by-group to help reduce errors and increase operator efficiency.

Easy to Purchase Solutions IBM is helping customers solve specific, unique business problems with the introduction of four new, pre-tested System p5 Express, OpenPower Edition solutions. These solutions are designed and tuned for high performance and stress-tested to provide outstanding uptime. The solutions include packaged offerings for business processing with SAP, financial markets with Sybase, IT infrastructure consolidation, and Life Sciences computational chemistry - all on the open source Linux operating system platform.

Product Pricing and Availability
The new IBM System p5 505 has a starting price of $3,684. The new System p5 520 has a starting price of $11,699 for a 2-way 1.9GHz minimum configuration, while the new System p5 550 starts at $14,053 for a 2-way 1.9GHz minimum configuration, and the p5-550Q starts at $19,048 for a 4-way 1.5GHz minimum configuration.(10) Support for AIX 5L V5.2, AIX 5L V5.3, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 (SLES 9) for POWER and Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 3 (RHEL AS 3) for POWER operating systems operate independently or simultaneously through logical partitions. The Integrated Virtualization Manager is provided at no additional cost with purchase of the Advanced POWER Virtualization optional feature.

IBM Director 5.10 systems management software is planned to be available for download at no additional charge beginning November 25. IBM Director Version 5.10 media can also be ordered through eConfig beginning December 13. Web-based support is included and full support can be purchased as an option. The following link provides information on Director and will provide a link to the download page beginning November 25:

The new System p5 models are planned to be generally available globally on October 14 through IBM Worldwide Sales and Distribution and IBM Business Partners.