Bavarian Broadcast Corporation Deploys New Digital Audio Archive

The Bavarian Broadcast Corporation has implemented their new digital audio archive with help from IBM

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Stuttgart, Germany - 09 Sep 2005: The Bavarian Broadcast Corporation (BR) started up a new digital audio archive with the help of IBM. The objective of the "Integrated Digital Archive System" (IDAS) is to allow the public German broadcaster to store and transparently manage its archive material over the long term in a tape robotic system. IDAS also allows its editors to access the digital archive directly and efficiently within their digital production environment over the intranet.

Furthermore, with IDAS the basis has been built for BR television and internet editors to access valuable audio material. An important aspect of the selected IBM solution are functionalities which support the preservation of the archive, which contains valuable cultural heritage such as recordings of famous musicians like Klemperer or Bernstein as well as original recordings from politics and events of the day from the last 50 years. In the coming years, 100.000 hours of material are to be catalogued and archived with the IDAS system.

In the year 2003, BR selected IBM Business Consulting Services (BCS) as general contractor to realize IDAS. Jointly with the client, IBM BCS planned the technical system and mapped the processes associated with the new technology. Several companies were involved in the system integration project under the leadership of IBM, including the software developer blue order GmbH, creators of the archive and cataloguing software media archive® and the digital radio production system maker D.A.V.I.D. GmbH. The archive system is equipped with IBM storage hardware, the online storage system IBM ESS "Shark" and the nearline robotic systems IBM Magstar and IBM LTO.

The management and transport of media content (essence) is carried out by the middleware software IBM ADMIRA. IBM ADMIRA was developed for the high standards of public broadcasters focused on the longer term retention and care of cultural media assets. IBM ADMIRA transports media between the storage system, the content management system media archive® and the production environments. Asynchronously and transparently, IBM ADMIRA places the specified content as a part segment or as a whole, in the correct format into the intended target system. Furthermore, ADMIRA manages the linkage between high resolution media files, browse copies and metadata. The IBM ADMIRA tape quality management module contributes to the safety of the archived assets over the longer term.

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