IBM Open-Standards Leadership Recognized by Automotive Industry Action Group

Company Presented With Outstanding Achievement Award at AutoTech 2005

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DETROIT, MI - 31 Aug 2005: IBM announced today that it has received the Automotive Industry Action Group's (AIAG) Outstanding Achievement Award in recognition of the company's 2004 contributions to this leading industry standards organization. Overall, IBM's commitment to AIAG has spanned 22 years, during which it has encouraged the use of open standards to accelerate innovation and help the industry address some of its most pressing challenges worldwide.

"IBM has been involved at AIAG in a big way for more than two decades," said Chuck Koehn, Acting Executive Director, AIAG. "IBM has shown extensive leadership, insight and support in helping global automotive customers deploy and implement AIAG standards while also promoting the use of AIAG industry standards to their customers around the world."

IBM has a well-known and growing commitment to industry open standards. In keeping with its established capabilities as an innovator, IBM has shared its pioneering technologies in the automotive field throughout its history with AIAG. The company understands and promotes the use of open standards to extend the capabilities and profitability of OEMs, suppliers, and customers. Open standards drive the creation of common technological platforms upon which enterprises can freely innovate, with the assurance that the new technologies, products and services they create will work together across the extended supply chain.

"We're honored to accept the AIAG Outstanding Achievement Award on behalf of the thousands of IBM employees committed to driving open standards across the industry," said Janette Beauchamp, General Manager, IBM Global Automotive Industry. "IBM is looking forward to continuing its collaboration with all the members of the AIAG to develop new open standards that will enable the automotive industry to reach increasingly higher levels of efficiency and interoperability."

IBM is an active member of AIAG, sitting on the board of directors and participating in several committees that include the Electronic Commerce Steering Committee, the Collaborative Engineering and Product Development Steering Committee and a number of work groups. The open standards fostered by AIAG through its committees will bring improvements and new solutions to the industry. IBM's own solution portfolios incorporate these open standards, ensuring their interoperability as they are provided to automotive customers around the globe.

IBM participates in a number of other automotive standards organizations. For example, last year the company announced it had become the first information-technology and services company to take a premier membership in the Automotive Open Systems Architecture (AUTOSAR) consortium.

AUTOSAR is a partnership of key stakeholders in the automotive, electronics and software industries dedicated to managing the complexities of rapidly increasing electronics and software technology in vehicles through the creation and adoption of globally recognized, open-standards-based platforms.

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