IBM Debuts Dual-Core Intel-Based Workstation With Server Design

New IntelliStation M Pro Delivers Integrated and Open Collaborative Computing Solutions

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA - 24 Aug 2005: IBM today announced the IntelliStation M Pro 6218, a workstation utilizing a dual-core Intel processor built from the ground up with server design teams and rigorous xSeries Server Proven testing.

IBM customers typically use IntelliStation workstations for critical business operations to facilitate tasks such as mechanical design, electronic design, drug discovery and digital content creation.

The new IntelliStation M Pro delivers new technologies including 64-bit dual-core Intel Pentium D and eight Gigabytes of maximum memory -- double that of its predecessor, to help deliver to customers enhanced performance for demanding multi-tasking workloads. Combining this expanded memory with 64-bit processor technology and a 64-bit operating system, customers can now achieve true 64-bit performance for their expanding datasets. These enhancements can improve the performance of CPU intensive applications such as Autodesk's 3ds Max by up to 39 percent.

The addition of server design team expertise to workstation development helps the new M Pro deliver the high level of reliability required as x86 workstations incorporate new high end capabilities including dual core, 64-bit technology and large memory addressability.

To deliver enhanced end-to-end system solutions for technical computing customers, IBM has integrated the workstation and x86 server solution teams to focus on complete computing solutions for targeted application segments.

"Our customers have a great opportunity to benefit from the advanced performance capabilities in the new M Pro," said Alex Yost, director, xSeries and IntelliStation products, IBM Systems and Technology Group. "The focus on incorporating IBM server class reliability, interoperability, and solutions will provide customers increased confidence in moving mission critical applications to the M Pro to help maximize productivity."

Meeting the needs of the On Demand SMB
IntelliStation M Pro workstations are part of the IBM Express Portfolio, developed to meet the needs of start-ups, small and mid-sized companies. IBM Express Offerings help small and medium businesses (SMBs) better serve their customers and potentially reduce acquisition and maintenance costs with open easy-to-purchase solutions. Coupled with Express software, services and financing, Express Offerings provide robust capabilities while taking into account the limited resources and budgets SMBs face.

Pricing and availability
The IBM IntelliStation M Pro 6218 is currently planned to be available worldwide in September at a starting price of $1,479 in the U.S. The new M Pro will be available with Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 and x32 edition pre-loaded and is certified for 32- and 64-bit versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0. The IntelliStation M Pro offers graphics options from multi-monitor capable 2D cards to extreme 3D from vendors ATI, Nvidia, and 3DLabs.

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