IBM Korea and Sunwoo Entertainment Combine Art with IT

Leading Korean media company’s digitalization to revitalize Korean 3D animation market

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Seoul - 15 Jul 2005: Sunwoo Entertainment, one of Korea's leading digital animation studios, has selected IBM to help transform its technology infrastructure to enable Sunwoo Entertainment to create, manage and distribute digital content faster, easier and at lower costs.  The two organizations will work together to invigorate Korea's 3D animation industry.

Introducing IBM's Intellistation Zpro, Sunwoo Entertainment has established its IT environment for 3D animation production along with its digitalized 2D animation production system.  Sunwoo Entertainment intends to build on this foundation by extending its computer generated image (CGI) business in the future with IBM solutions, which provide the intense computational power needed to run a modern 3D animation business.

Sunwoo Entertainment chairman HanYoung Kang said, "Despite its outstanding artistic skills base, the Korean animation market has made few investments in IT infrastructure.  This link between Sunwoo Entertainment's animation capabilities and IBM's technical expertise will enhance the innovation and creativity of Korea's digital media industry.  Based on this strength, Sunwoo will step up its efforts to attract investors."

IBM Digital Media is helping animation studios around the world - including Threshold Digital Research Labs, Vanguard Animation, and Crest Communications - deliver increasingly complex animation requirements within ever-shorter timeframes, while still keeping costs low.  IBM will bring its global expertise to bear for Sunwoo Entertainment, allowing the Korean studio to transform itself into an effective, well-organized 3D animation studio, which produces and archives digital 3D animation with high-speed and high-quality.

WonJong Kim, SMB Executive, IBM Korea, commented, "Through our cooperation with Sunwoo Entertainment we hope to achieve a superb collaboration between art and IT.  By drawing on our worldwide expertise in digital media and animation, IBM will support the transformation of Sunwoo Entertainment's digital production infrastructure, helping Sunwoo Entertainment emerge as a leader of Asia's next-generation culture industry."

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