IBM Enterprise Search Software to Enable Discovery and Analysis of Information On Demand

Software Vendors to Support New Open Source Technology for Extracting Knowledge From Unstructured Information

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ARMONK, NY - 08 Aug 2005: IBM today announced new software that can find information by analyzing text within documents, web pages, problem reports, email, and other unstructured content sources going beyond keyword searches to add additional understanding from the context of information.

This new capability can help businesses better manage their growing deluge of information and extract and analyze previously hidden facts and insight to uncover risks, identify new opportunities and drive efficiencies.

Enabling this is IBM WebSphere Information Integrator OmniFind Edition, a key part of IBM's enterprise search platform and the first commercially available software for processing content based on the Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA). UIMA compliant text analytic components can use WebSphere Information Integrator OmniFind Edition to clarify the meaning of terms, mine text to find hidden knowledge, and extract useful business information. UIMA provides a standard framework that can be used to add text analytics to any application and enables interoperability among different vendors' analytics software and enterprise applications.

"Today's announcement will usher in a shift in how companies can use their unstructured information for greater business intelligence," said Nelson Mattos, IBM distinguished engineer and vice president strategy, WebSphere Information Integration Solutions. "By delivering higher quality search results enhanced by newly discovered concepts, relationships and facts, we can help enable solutions to find the exact information users are looking for, no matter where it may reside."

In addition, 16 companies, including Attensity, ClearForest, Cognos, Endeca, Factiva, Kana, Inquira, iPhrase, Inxight, nStein, QL2, SAS, Schemalogic, Semagix, SPSS, and Temis announced plans to support UIMA as a standard framework for search and text analysis of unstructured information. These companies are expected to deliver UIMA-compliant software, solutions or services to address various industry and application specific requirements. A number of these companies plan to use WebSphere Information Integrator OmniFind Edition as a platform for processing unstructured information. In keeping with its commitment to open source, IBM also announced plans to submit the UIMA technology to the open source community.

"Being responsive to our customers is a priority for Whirlpool Corporation and we are using text analytics technology from Attensity to gain customer insight," said Tom Welke, vice president and general manager, NAR operations team, Whirlpool. "Leveraging UIMA as a standard interface, combined with the IBM platform, will enable organizations such as Whirlpool to gain greater value from our investments in text analytics by extending these capabilities to a broader set of solutions."

Examples of some of the industry solutions underway by IBM partners leveraging UIMA include:

- Quality Early Warning for the Automotive Industry -- with the ability to process unstructured information from warranty claims, maintenance records, repair requests and call center logs, this solution uses ClearForest text analytics to extract facts related to automotive problems. It can be used to help identify the conditions that cause those problems, along with the automotive parts involved. Organizations can then use reporting tools from Cognos to discover correlations that could not be easily identified before, empowering them to correct issues faster and reduce the cost of related recalls. IBM's enterprise search technology extends the value of this solution further by providing the ability to search for existing problems and find potential resolutions, enabling a broader set of users to benefit and learn from these insights.

- Advanced Intelligence for Anti-Terrorism and Law Enforcement -- better enabling intelligence and law enforcement agencies to uncover hidden patterns and identify potential criminal or terrorist activity, this solution can analyze various sources of information, such as field analyst reports, ship manifests and surveillance transcripts, along with external content delivered by Factiva, such as press releases and news articles. All of the content can be analyzed through a common set of text analytics components from Attensity to identify people, organizations, actions, locations, events and related associations. IBM WebSphere Information Integrator OmniFind Edition provides the platform for processing this unstructured information, along with the ability to index and search for the enhanced knowledge that has been generated.

- Customer Service and Problem Detection for Durable Goods and High-Tech Manufacturers -- by processing unstructured information from sources such as call center logs, e-mails, technician repair notes, product data and warranty claims, this solution can be used to identify product components, extract underlying problems referenced, and suggest resolutions. This can be used to further automate some customer service functions and improve customer service levels. It can also help more quickly identify hidden product issues and improve product quality. A combination of technologies from Attensity, ClearForest, iPhrase and Kana can be used with IBM software for use in call center and self service applications to provide added value through text analytics and enterprise search capabilities.

WebSphere Information Integrator OmniFind Edition as well as the Quality Early Warning, Advanced Intelligence and Customer Service solutions are available today from IBM and IBM business partners. The UIMA Software Development Kit can be downloaded free of charge from IBM AlphaWorks at

More information about WebSphere Information Integrator OmniFind Edition can be found at

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