IBM Custom ASIC Fabrication Pumps Up Performance In Juniper Networks New T-Series Internet Routing Family

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EAST FISHKILL, N.Y - 23 Apr 2002: . ...IBM's skill in manufacturing complex custom chips again became apparent today with the introduction of Juniper Networks' T-series Internet routing family.

Juniper Networks announced its first T-series product, the T640 Internet Routing Node, incorporating seven different programmable application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) designed by Juniper Networks engineering team and manufactured by IBM.

These T-series Internet Processor ASICs each average 10 million "gates," or basic logic circuits, compared to the 2 million gates in Juniper Networks' previous generation of silicon. The company says this enables the T640 routing node to offer bandwidth densities four times greater than the current state of the art and IP services capacities 16 times those of their nearest competitor. It believes the T640 Internet routing node is also the fastest router on the market with an impressive 1200 millionroute-look-ups per second in each system.

IBM's Blue Logic (TM) SA-27 -- the company's first copper ASIC technology -- has enabled Juniper Networks to reach a new level of density and speed. The T-series represents the first instance of copper silicon technology in a Juniper Networks routing platform. It is a 0.18-micron technology that provides faster chips that consume less power than chips manufactured with traditional aluminum processing. The result is exceptional density in Juniper Networks newly introduced T640 Internet routing node.

Juniper Networks has collaborated with IBM for three generations of silicon development. In 1996, IBM worked with Juniper Networks silicon designers to deliver an ASIC for the M40 Internet Router launched in 1998. Two years later, IBM was chosen again to fabricate a Juniper Networks design of the M-series Internet Processor II. Now, Juniper Networks new T-series programmable ASICs are again using cutting edge silicon technology to ensure significant density compression for cost-effective scaling.

"The T-series silicon represents the most advanced technology ever to be implemented in a router," said Pradeep Sindhu, founder and chief technology officer at Juniper Networks. "Thanks to IBM's leading copper and packaging technologies, our third generation of high-density silicon is a breakthrough advancement in interface speed and bandwidth, a necessity for mid- to large-size points of presence."

Gartner Dataquest, a well-known industry consulting firm, earlier this month said IBM had achieved the ranking of No. 1 worldwide ASIC supplier for the year 2001, marking the third consecutive year that IBM achieved this honor.

"Our SA-27 technology is a proven design and manufacturing methodology that makes it possible for companies such as Juniper Networks to develop highly complex ASIC designs that employ many millions of logic gates. This new generation of ASICs can improve performance, lower power requirements, reduce time-to-market and be more cost-effective than prior generations," said Tim Ravey, director of custom logic at IBM Microelectronics.

"We are also dramatically shrinking the package size with our HyperBGATM packaging that provides 1,500 external electrical connections while still increasing density and lowering power requirements of the ASIC," Ravey added.

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