IBM Acquires Meiosys

Acquisition Expands IBM's On Demand Offerings for Customers

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ARMONK, NY - 23 Jun 2005: IBM today announced it has acquired Meiosys, a privately held company based in Palo Alto, Calif., and Toulouse, France. Meiosys provides unique software technologies that enable applications to be dynamically moved from one server or set of servers to others without disruption. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Software from Meiosys is designed to offer application relocation for transparent, stateful application mobility and fault-tolerant computing. The technology is designed to be, in most cases, transparent to the application, meaning that applications do not need to be modified or recompiled. MetaCluster, a product line from Meiosys, offers application mobility and relocation technology in the high-performance computing sector. The products are very efficient and responsive with low overhead to the system.

IBM will be integrating the company's technology into its products and offerings, with initial deliveries planned in the second half of this year.

"The state-of-the-art application-relocation capabilities and fault-tolerant technology from Meiosys complement IBM's current systems software offerings," said Rod Adkins, vice president, development, IBM Systems and Technology Group. "This acquisition gives IBM the ability to provide even more innovative capabilities for UNIX and Linux, and will help advance our information on demand strategy and virtualization capabilities for clients."

In addition to its stateful application relocation software, MetaCluster provides checkpoint/restart capability, which is designed to allow users of long-running batch applications to checkpoint those applications on a periodic basis in order to reduce potential lost time upon an application failure. IBM intends to apply this technology across its high-performance computing and deep-computing product lines. Meiosys has also developed software and other intellectual property that is designed to enable deterministic record and replay of applications on symmetrical multi-processor (SMP) machines, a key building block for application-agnostic fault-tolerant solutions.

"This acquisition recognizes the importance of our solutions in an on demand world," said Marc Rougier, co-founder and chief operating officer, Meiosys. "Our hard work and innovative offerings will be joined with IBM's outstanding systems software and technology to provide clients with stateful application relocation, a key enabler for next-generation data centers. We are very excited at the opportunity to combine the power of our technology with IBM's vast product suites, channels, and customer base."

Over time, the innovative techniques from Meiosys will enhance and extend IBM's already highly available system solutions. Meiosys integrates now with IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager software.

"We are committed to deliver industry-leading UNIX reliability, availability, flexibility, and virtualization. The advanced capabilities from Meiosys will complement our robust development roadmap for AIX 5L, IBM's strategic platform for UNIX innovation, and offer our clients unprecedented value for application management and server consolidation," said Adkins.

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