IBM's Mid-Market Innovation Business Partner Program Thrives in First 90 Days

iSeries Initiative for Innovation Delivers Over 180 New Business Partner Applications, Spurs 50% Growth in Tools Partner Membership, Hits Goal Target Ahead of Schedule

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ARMONK, NY - 14 Jun 2005: IBM announced today the early successes of its business partner program targeted to help ISVs and tool partners develop software applications and tools for its premier mid-market server, the IBM eServer iSeries system. To date, this initiative has delivered over 180 new modernized applications from its application innovation program and tools innovation program, key programs within the IBM eServer iSeries Initiative for Innovation, launched in February.

"The iSeries Initiative for Innovation provides all the elements for an ISV to grow their solutions in the mid-market on the iSeries system," said David Rode, president & CEO, Intentia Americas. "We are seeing great benefits from the strong go-to-market support from IBM."

The highlights of the eServer iSeries Initiative for Innovation's key programs within its first 90 days include the following updates on the three main pillars of the program:

Application Innovation Program provides up to $50,000 in enablement support services helping ISVs to modernize and strengthen their iSeries applications leveraging such offerings as free architectural support, education support and conversion support.

Tools Innovation Program promotes a broader portfolio of tools solutions enabling more ISVs to enhance their current applications, providing customers with a more robust, flexible and on demand IT environment.

The benefits of the tools program are being realized by ISVs and clients including BCD, an IBM Premier Business Partner.

"With its new tools program, IBM has really armed us with the resources we need to help customers while providing BCD with the best support I've seen in years," said Eric Figura, Director of Sales and Marketing, Business Computer Design International (BCD). "IBM is giving us, the partner community, resources while giving us recognition."

iSeries Innovation Program gives the smaller ISVs a larger voice to define the key business solution requirements by industry on the iSeries system. Several industry-oriented advisory councils have been held throughout the world where key business requirements have been identified.

Partners see the benefits of the iSeries Initiative for Innovation. ServerProven offers ISVs and clients rebates based on key solution purchases. Mitchell Kleinman, executive vice president, of CCS Technology Solutions sees the differentiators of the ServerProven program. "ServerProven continues to be one of the best ways for my company to differentiate products and services in the marketplace. Each time my solution is presented to a customer, I know that the ServerProven rebates will help to make me the most competitive deal on the table," says Kleinman.

The significant progress of the iSeries Initiative for Innovation demonstrates IBM's enduring and future commitments to fuel advances and additional solutions on the iSeries platform as set forth in the recently issued The IBM Charter for iSeries Innovation.

"We've had a terrific reaction from our ISVs, tools providers and other partners to the iSeries Initiative for Innovation," said Peter Bingaman, vice president, IBM eServer iSeries. "They are seeing the significant investments IBM is making once again in helping them to build their businesses on the iSeries platform. Also, they are seeing a market that is moving over the sweet spot of the iSeries value proposition -- as an engine to dramatically reduce the cost of deploying, running and managing their customers' business applications and the ability to use the iSeries as the core foundation for customers to consolidate AIX, Linux and Windows workloads on a single system in order to reduce IT costs. IBM is investing aggressively in that movement through this initiative and our partners are taking advantage of it."

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