IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center Certification Extends IBM Leadership In Storage Industry Standards

IBM Continues to Demonstrate Its Support of Heterogeneous Storage Management

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PHOENIX, AZ - 14 Apr 2005: IBM today announced that the IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center has passed the latest industry storage management standard from the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), known as the Conformance Testing Program (SNIA-CTP) for the Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S) Client suite.

Developed to help ensure that enterprise and storage management products deliver the benefits of the SMI-S standard, the new SMI-S Client test suite adds the capability to test storage management applications for conformance to the SMI-S version 1.0.2. With the SNIA CTP for the SMI-S certification, TPC V2 will have the ability to manage any disk array storage subsystem device that has been SMI-S 1.0.2 certified. 

"Customers today are demanding flexibility and interoperability of heterogeneous storage environments tied to their entire IT environment," said Laura Sanders, VP, TotalStorage Open Software, IBM. "We know that open industry standards such as SMI-S are the key to accelerate the transformation of IT infrastructures to drive on demand businesses, and IBM continues to lead the industry in delivering heterogeneous storage management capabilities to customers."

Leveraging storage standards empowers customers to maintain a competitive edge by giving them the ability to change systems, vendors, and development strategies as needed to control scalability, reliability, security, connectivity, and all other critical aspects of their core business.

"For the first time ever, end users can select standards-based storage management software for the networked storage infrastructure," said Wayne M. Adams, chairman of the SNIA board of directors. "This is a monumental achievement for the industry and end users as it builds on the 200 plus storage devices with SMI-S currently available in the market. Having SMI-S embedded in both software and hardware will help users simplify their day-to-day storage management and provisioning responsibilities."

The IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center is an open storage infrastructure management solution designed to help reduce the effort of simplify management of complex storage infrastructures, automate manual storage tasks to help improve administrative efficiency and optimize storage capacity utilization. It is designed to enable an agile storage infrastructure that can respond to on demand storage needs.

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