IBM Senior Executive Outlines Vision For Information On Demand

Van Meter Industrial Leverages Information Across Technology And Business Infrastructures

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Phoenix, AZ - 14 Apr 2005: In a keynote speech today at Storage Networking World, Andy Monshaw, General Manager of Storage at IBM, predicted that delivering information on demand solutions for clients across industries will be the new model for the information management industry, ending forever the days of vendors simply supplying proprietary point-products to clients.  

As more and more clients look to gain the maximum value out of their information resources and respond to ever-changing market conditions the future of their businesses will rely on having an integrated, end-to-end open and heterogeneous approach that combines storage, servers, software and networking.   Clients today are telling IBM that they want to be able to do more than just store data - they want to access it, mine it, and analyze it on demand, so they can make smart business decisions, said Monshaw. 

By having deep industry history in understanding each customer's unique business needs, IBM is helping clients transform their businesses through one of the broadest open-standards portfolios in the entire technology industry, Monshaw stated. 

"Information on Demand is much more than just storage or software alone, it is the tight integration of systems, software, business services and networks all coming together to deliver the right information and insight the client wants when and where they want it," said Monshaw.   "With Information on Demand, Storage is no longer about who can deliver the cheapest box to a client - those days are over.  It is now going to be about who can implement solutions that mesh with the existing infrastructure to give clients greater flexibility, improved integration and increased productivity." 

In the past, clients had architectures that were task specific, not integrated and proprietary said Monshaw.  With rising technology costs, many clients today are looking to take advantage of their already existing infrastructures and maximize their existing footprint, taking advantage of open standards, virtualizing their existing environments, and improve overall performance.

IBM is at the forefront of this revolution and is already helping clients understand all aspects of their information management and make sense of the avalanche of data each industry accumulates by working with clients on business analytics, information integration, content management and storage solutions, Monshaw stated.  Clients today want help in recognizing what information needs to be accessed, what information needs to be archived and how they can merge disparate systems to gain a competitive advantage.  

As part of the keynote, Monshaw also announced that Van Meter Industrial has deployed an information on demand solution anchored by the IBM TotalStorage® DS6000 integrated with Intuit Eclipse software, enabling Van Meter Industrial to tie together its existing infrastructure and gain fast access to its mission critical information.  Van Meter Industrial is an employee-owned electrical distributor based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

"We have more than ten years of data on our storage systems - ranging from transactions to customer history to inventory - and we need to be able to access that information quickly, whenever we want," said Dave Cahill, Vice President of Information Technology, Van Meter Industrial.  "It is critical that we are able to tie in our resources from across the company, access customer information, check inventory, or add storage to projects when we need it on demand." 

Successful technology vendors will embrace open standards and be innovative so they can deliver information on demand solutions to clients, Monshaw stated.  Clients are challenging us as a whole to solve their business problems and IBM is stepping up and delivering automated, open solutions that help customers to integrate, store, analyze and utilize their data and make quick decisions for an ever-changing market, Monshaw continued. 

Information on Demand
The desire by businesses to access, manage and deliver information more efficiently is driving rapid change in the IT marketplace. Traditional low-tech, hardware-only approaches by proprietary vendors are meeting with resistance as companies grappling with new government mandates and business demands strive to capture and integrate information in a more seamless, real-time  fashion across the enterprise. IBM's information on demand approach combines deep business insight with open standards, advanced storage systems, sophisticated systems management software and leading information management software to create efficient, cost effective and flexible information infrastructures.  Regardless of industry, IBM helps companies transform data into insight to enable information on demand. 

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