Commerzbank of Germany Builds New Storage Infrastructure With IBM

Leading European Bank Taps New IBM DS8000 Storage Systems

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Commerzbank AG, one of Germany's leading banks, today announced it has selected IBM as its strategic storage technology vendor to help simplify and protect billions of critical financial files for its more than eight million customers. As part of a multi-million dollar agreement, the bank will install one of the largest storage infrastructures in the world equal to 450 million books each holding 1,000 pages.

Commerzbank is consolidating and simplifying its existing storage infrastructure by replacing more than 100 EMC and HP storage devices with 13 IBM TotalStorage DS8000 systems and Brocade directors that provide advanced performance and reliability features and attractive total cost of ownership. The bank will also build up a comprehensive storage virtualization solution based on the IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center family of software. The simplified infrastructure will be used to back up the bank's commercial banking, investment and administrative data and is designed to assist Commerzbank to more quickly and easily store and retrieve customer data while reducing its total technology costs.

"With this deal, we are using the latest industry-leading technology offerings to extend our position in the global financial sector. Our emphasis on ensuring the integrity and availability of the customer data we receive and deliver led us to choose IBM as our key technology provider to build and support one of the world's largest storage environments," said Peter Kraemer, Global Head of IT Production at Commerzbank. "As a result of the consolidation of our systems, we can enhance the agility in our customer channel and services offerings as well as improve the storage and access time to data."

With the unprecedented volume of customer and financial information, the banks data needs are staggeringly more complex than they were just a few years ago. IBM TotalStorage solutions are highly flexible and are designed to safely back up information.

"Commerzbank is transforming their business by moving their data to fewer, more powerful IBM storage systems," said Andy Monshaw, General Manager, IBM Storage. "As a part of IBM's information on demand strategy, they are simplifying their infrastructure with IBM storage servers and software and able to optimize their computing environment."

As part of the agreement, the bank will install more than 450 terabytes of new storage disk space and a comprehensive IBM virtualization software solution. The consolidation project will consist of the creation of a storage landscape based on the latest IBM TotalStorage DS8000 Series disk storage systems, connected through a fibre-channel based network based on Brocade technology. By using IBM TotalStorage DS8000 Series systems, Commerzbank will have the ability to scale up into the petabyte-area of data. The systems also offer logical partitioning capabilities, which allow an organization to divide a single physical storage system into two virtualized systems. To round out their storage hardware infrastructure, the bank will also use Brocade Multiprotocol Routers.

The bank will further automate this infrastructure simplification transformation with products from the IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center family of products that is designed to help customers supervise and administer the entire open systems infrastructure.

Commerzbank is also addressing concerns in the case of a disaster. All bank data will be mirrored constantly in a separate data center, several kilometers away. IBM Remote Copy Management Facility creates point-in-time copies of data at the point of failure or defined intervals.

"We are very pleased with Commerzbank's decision to standardize their complete storage network in the open systems and FICON environment on Brocade's technology," said Ulrich Plechschmidt, Director Central and Eastern Europe of Brocade Communications. "With this infrastructure, the bank is prepared in an optimal way for the seamless integration of the next coming technology innovations in storage networking."

The banks new storage will be connected to various servers including IBM's eServer zSeries, running on z/OS, as well as the eServer pSeries and a number of non-IBM servers.

Commerzbank starts rolling out the new storage systems at the end of March and the new storage solution is expected to be implemented in 4th quarter 2005.

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