IBM Earns #1 Ranking in Training Magazine's "Training Top 100" Award

Company's Learning Programs Secure Top Spot for Second Consecutive Year

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ARMONK, NY - 28 Feb 2005: IBM announced today that for the second consecutive year its learning programs have earned the top spot in Training magazine's 2005 "Training Top 100," an annual ranking of companies that "understand, embrace and use training to achieve real business results, support corporate values and enhance the work lives of employees," according to the magazine.

IBM has ranked among the top five in the Training Top 100 listing since the magazine began issuing the awards in 2001. IBM received its award at the Training 2005 conference taking place in New Orleans.

IBM currently invests more than $700 million annually to develop the knowledge and expertise of its workforce. Employees spend an estimated 16 million hours each year (about 50 hours per employee) in formal training -- online, either through online learning activities or in a traditional classroom.

"Learning is truly core to the DNA of IBM. We are a company focused on innovation, and our executives understand that we need to enable IBMers to grow and to foster the practices that produce business transformation," said IBM Chief Learning Officer Ted Hoff. "Our learning programs are specifically designed to enable IBM to bring increased value to our clients and to provide meaningful learning experiences to all 330,000 IBMers."

Building the expertise of a 21st century workforce requires a fresh perspective and breakthrough thinking. "A growing discontinuity exists between what business has become and what training has remained," explains Nancy Lewis, Vice President, IBM On Demand Learning. "Our On Demand Learning strategy allow us to shift the emphasis from 'bringing the worker to the learning' to 'bringing the learning to the work' -- an exciting new era of learning that promises to leverage the collective expertise of employees, teams, and organizations throughout its enterprise."

One example of an IBM "best practice" that adopts IBM's On-Demand Learning vision is IBM's Sales Transformation & Learning initiative. The initiative embeds learning into the daily workflow throughout the company's sales teams. Led by global sales transformation managers around the world, the initiative helps IBM manage successful sales teams who understand that a commitment to learning can lead to improved sales results.

"IBM's Sales Transformation & Learning program has multiple levels to ensure that our sales teams are trained to not only address current client problems, but to anticipate future trends," said Milt Hearne, IBM Vice President, Worldwide High Performance Selling. "Whether attending the 'Software University' to better understand IBM's extensive brand offerings, or using the 'Client Business Value' sales aid to identify and address performance gaps and critical issues in the client's business processes, IBM's workforce is dedicated to providing the highest level of client satisfaction and retention."

"A belief in the value of learning is embedded in the very DNA of IBM. It's not surprising that for the second year running, IBM has captured the top spot in the Training Top 100 ranking," said Richard Ausman, publisher of Training magazine.

The 2005 Training Top 100 was ranked by Training magazine's editorial staff, which judged applicants on a host of qualitative and quantitative criteria, including strategic training goals; evaluative processes and mechanisms; metrics; workplace surveys; the number of training professionals; amount of tuition reimbursement, training as a percentage of payroll; and number of hours dedicated to training.

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