Bluevar Expects Wider Opportunities With IBM-Lenovo Deal

IBM Business Partner Envisions Selling More PCs With ThinkVantage Technologies

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IRVINE, CA - 27 Jan 2005: Bluevar President Dave Cunningham says he expects the upcoming new global personal computing company to be formed by IBM and Lenovo to open opportunities for value-added resellers to sell a wider range of PCs to customers in the manufacturing and financial markets.

Bluevar is one of many partners embracing new opportunities brought on by IBM and Lenovo's line of PCs, and by innovative ThinkVantage Technologies that help to lower lifecycle costs to current and prospective customers.

"We understand that to be successful, businesses must change to adapt to the current marketplace," said Dave Cunningham, president of Bluevar. "With the IBM-Lenovo deal, those of us in the channel have the opportunity to reach a broader range of businesses, be more competitive and further prove the benefits of ThinkVantage Technologies to our customers. IBM and Lenovo will help lower costs through an improved supply chain and continued devotion to research, development and innovation."

A value-added reseller in the ultra-competitive Southern California market, Bluevar differentiates itself to its customers in the manufacturing and financial services industries by offering select ThinkPad notebooks and ThinkCentre desktops preloaded with ThinkVantage Technologies, which help make personal computers easier to deploy, connect, protect and support. The Embedded Security Subsystem, for example, is available on select models of ThinkCentre desktops and ThinkPad notebooks and helps protect information stored on them from hackers and thieves.

ThinkVantage Technologies are designed to create a competitive advantage that helps businesses and individuals succeed. They help make Think-branded personal systems less dependent on IT staff or user intervention for basic tasks such deployment, backup, maintenance and security, freeing up users and IT staff to focus on competitive advantages in their business. According to industry analysts, costs associated with deployment, support and disposal account for approximately 80 percent of the entire PC lifecycle cost. Additional information can be found at

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