METRO Group's Future Store Implements Anyplace Kiosk From IBM

Compact New Kiosk Delivers Instant Information to Shoppers Anyplace in the Store

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RALEIGH, NC & RHEINBERG, GERMANY - 17 Jan 2005: METRO Group will implement IBM's new "Anyplace Kiosk" as part of a guided selling system designed to deliver product information instantaneously to shoppers at METRO Group's Future Store in Rheinberg, IBM announced today.

METRO Group is the first retailer to install the new IBM kiosk, which offers a compact design and fits virtually anywhere in the store environment to deliver a compelling, interactive experience directly to shoppers at the point of decision. It is designed to enhance shopping for consumers and potentially increase sales for retailers.

METRO Group will install three Anyplace Kiosks, which are located in different parts of the store. The shoppers will have the opportunity to use all kiosk applications like product finder and meat or wine guidance, which are already running in the store. A new application giving information on dairy products will be developed soon.

"It is important to give shoppers the information at the time and place they need it," said Dr. Gerd Wolfram, Project Leader of the METRO Group Future Store Initiative. "Advanced technology like the new IBM Anyplace Kiosk will give us the ability to offer shoppers that kind of information in a timely way, and we believe that will enhance the overall shopping experience. A major aim of the METRO Group Future Store Initiative is to spark the further development of leading-edge technologies to shape the future of retailing and IBM is a strategic partner in this innovative project."

The METRO Group Future Store in Rheinberg is a living laboratory of advanced retail technology working together to transform the shopping experience and the operations of a retail store. IBM is the overall systems integrator for the store, as well as the contributor of numerous technologies, including kiosks, the intelligent "Veggie Vision" scale and the innovative "Everywhere Display." IBM is also integrating the RFID systems at the store and is leading the strategy, consulting, implementation and rollout for METRO Group's RFID project with 100 suppliers, 10 central warehouses and some 250 stores.

"The new Anyplace Kiosk is an example of the kind of advanced retail technologies that are changing the face of retailing and shopping," said Tom Peterson, general manager, IBM Retail Store Solutions. "How many times have all of us, as shoppers, wanted timely information about products while we were on the store floor trying to decide what to buy? Future technology, like that being used in METRO Group's Future Store in Rheinberg, will fill that need. Shopping will never be the same again."

The new IBM Anyplace Kiosk offers retailers a cost-effective opportunity to install an informational kiosk "anyplace" in the store, whether in the aisle, on the shelf, beside a demo or on an end cap. These new kiosks, with the capability to show full-screen video as well as high-quality sound, can deliver a variety of applications including in-aisle CD/DVD preview stations, production information, guided selling, self-ordering in restaurants and unattended check-in for hotel guests. Anyplace Kiosk combines a 1.3GHz processor, advanced infrared (IR) touch screen display and optional peripherals in a slim, tapered design.