IBM ThinkPad a Productivity Mainstay at National Semiconductor

Premier Analog Company Relies on High Performance Mobile Computing to Speed Time to Market

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SANTA CLARA, CA - 20 Dec 2004: IBM today announced that National Semiconductor has deployed 1,200 IBM ThinkPad notebooks to increase the mobility and productivity of National's engineers, designers, sales and IT personnel. In addition to using IBM machines, the analog chipmaker is collaborating with IBM leadership on hardware security solutions to ensure that ThinkCentre desktops and ThinkPad notebooks offer the most robust protections in the industry against hackers and viruses.

Mobile computing platforms are becoming increasingly necessary in the semiconductor industry, where speed and response time are critical. For example, employees who work wherever they are physically located -- at a customer location, in a hotel room, or at home -- can help deliver improved productivity and reduced time to market. By deploying ThinkPad T42 and T42p notebooks, National Semiconductor can count on mobile performance and reliability in company operations, such as circuit design engineering, that were previously performed on stationary workstations.

"As a longtime enterprise user, National Semiconductor depends on the reliability, service and support for PCs that comes with the IBM name. In addition to reliability and performance, we also need notebooks that give our analog engineers maximum mobility so they can be productive wherever and whenever they choose. We selected IBM as a laptop supplier for exactly these attributes," said Ulrich Seif, senior VP and CIO for National Semiconductor.

"It is also reassuring to have the experience of IBM's Steve Ward at the helm of Lenovo, because he has stated his commitment to continue IBM's tradition of product innovations at Lenovo," Seif added. "And to meet our ongoing service needs, IBM's support organization has committed to provide us with the same level of quality service that we've become accustomed to with IBM."

IBM and National are also allied on security issues. To increase security protections against hackers, IBM relies on National Semiconductor's SafeKeeper(TM) Trusted Input/Output device for all desktop PCs. This I/O device integrates a Trusted Platform Module, super I/O and embedded firmware to implement industry-standard Trusted Computing Group security functions. TPMs securely store passwords, digital certificates and encryption keys for PCs and other systems.

ThinkPad notebooks use built-in ThinkVantage Technologies that help make personal computers easier to deploy, connect, protect and support. The Embedded Security Subsystem, for example, is available on select models and protects information stored on the notebook from hackers and thieves. The Active Protection System, also available on select models, helps protect information stored on the hard drive, if the notebook gets dropped. Rescue and Recovery helps people recover from software failures, enabling users to recover data and projects even if the operating system fails. Since intellectual property must be protected on notebooks being used by employees wherever they are located, these tools help extend security and reliability in a dynamic, mobile workforce.