IBM Unveils Advanced Tivoli Orchestration and Provisioning Technology Center

Lab, Hands-on Workshops Enable Customers to Perform Live Tests on Leading Edge Applications, Move Towards Autonomic Computing

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GAITHERSBURG, MD - 29 Nov 2004: IBM today announced a new on demand technology center featuring state-of-the-art Tivoli orchestration and provisioning capabilities. The center is focused on helping customers fully optimize provisioning technologies in their IT environments.

IBM customers seeking to define their infrastructure management strategy now have hands-on access to leading edge applications as well as fully customized implementation support for deploying orchestration and provisioning technology.

IBM customers can use the lab to conduct extensive proof of technology testing to help determine their provisioning policies. Utilizing the suite of Tivoli products, customers can analyze numerous provisioning scenarios within a simulated IT environment designed to demonstrate the real-life impact on their IT systems and business processes.

This is the first industry lab that has the ability to run through multiple business scenarios while testing new approaches to provisioning. It is a tremendous resource for eliminating timely and costly mistakes before implementing such policies at a practical level.

The new lab builds on IBM's provisioning and configuration management capabilities. It allows customers to automatically configure and provision applications and resources based on pre-determined business rules. This technology enables companies to sense and respond to IT needs in real-time, according to their defined policies, to better meet the needs of the business. The new center will provide IBM customers with access to new technologies as well as implementation support as they add intelligence and automate their computer systems.

"IBM's new orchestration and provisioning center allows us to work one-on-one with our customers to help them achieve a new level of intelligence in their data center," said Al Zollar, general manager, IBM Tivoli Software. "This interaction with our customers is as important as the technology itself, considering IBM Tivoli customers represent 95 percent of all Fortune 500 companies. This lab is helping them integrate the next generation of tools designed to merge businesses and IT processes, with the goal of achieving higher productivity, lower costs and more efficient operations."

Located in the Washington, DC area, the lab enables companies to perform complex tests customized for their own IT environments using IBM products such as Tivoli Intelligent Orchestrator, Tivoli Monitoring, Tivoli Enterprise Console, Tivoli Configuration Manager and TotalStorage Virtualization. Using simulated environments, customers can investigate, for example, how to maximize server utilization by provisioning servers among resource pools to align with changing business objectives.

Customers unable to travel to the lab can visit any of IBM's 22 Technical Exploration Centers (TECs) across North America and access live technology demos occurring in the DC provisioning lab via a remote demonstration of Tivoli Intelligent Orchestrator over the IBM intranet. In conjunction with hands-on proof of technology workshops offered in those centers, the IBM provisioning lab presents customers with unparalleled technical support for developing pre-determined policies for automatically configuring and provisioning applications and resources.

Visitors to IBM's Toronto Lab, where Tivoli Intelligent Orchestrator is developed, can see demos of Tivoli Intelligent Orchestrator working together with products from IBM Business Partners.

Collaborating with Customers to Achieve Autonomic Computing
As IBM customers begin to adopt these next-generation technologies, organizations are adapting to a new level of intelligence in the data center that promises to automate IT systems unlike ever before. Recognizing the complexity of implementing such technology at a practical level, IBM is collaborating with its customers to share knowledge and define the autonomic computing strategies that align IT and business processes resulting in higher productivity, lower costs and more efficient operations.

Based on years of best practices, IBM today offers customers more than 300 workflows for automating IT processes using IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager. IBM's orchestration and provisioning technology allows organizations to automatically provision resources across the entire IT environment to respond to changes in IT workload, helping improve efficiencies and decreasing manual labor.

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