IBM Unveils Next Generation Supercomputer

New POWER5 System Design Packs Supercomputing Power Into Small Space

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PITTSBURGH, PA - 09 Nov 2004: -- SUPERCOMPUTING 2004 -- IBM today offered clients a glimpse of the future of supercomputers with the introduction of a pre-release version of a new sleek, high-density POWER5(TM) processor-based server system that can be easily clustered for high performance supercomputing.

Previewed for the first time today at the SC2004 Conference in Pittsburgh, the new p5-575 is an ultra-thin cluster building-block, and will extend on the success of the eServer(TM) p655 -- a system which has been at the core of supercomputing solutions that power work in areas such as genome research, automotive crash-testing, petroleum exploration, and oceanographic, atmospheric and energy studies.

"Today we have offered the supercomputing community a glimpse into stunning new technology with POWER5 systems taking on an entirely new form," said Karl Freund, vice president, IBM pSeries. "IBM engineers have pushed server design to a new level -- combining innovative, high-density design with cutting edge technologies to enhance speed and performance in a remarkably small device."

IBM intends to deliver extraordinary innovations in the p5-575, bringing the systems to the forefront of 'off the shelf' supercomputing technology. The new systems use ultra-dense packaging technology innovations to provide high-speed connections between eight POWER5 processors. These new developments in shared memory and high-bandwidth connections between nodes are designed to provide new levels of performance required for high performance computing.

The new technology will allow up to 64 eight-processor p5-575 cluster nodes to create a single high-performance system with stunning performance capabilities -- which when released will bring high-density configurations and ease of administration to IBM clients with intense supercomputing application needs.

Built on IBM's industry-leading 64-bit POWER5 technology, the p5-575 is planned to be available with 1.9 GHz POWER5 processors and support for AIX 5L(TM) Version 5.2 and 5.3, as well as Linux® operating systems. The p5-575 will have a distinctive single-core implementation of IBM POWER5 processor technology -- with 36 MB of dedicated L3 cache memory for each core. While the versatile p5-575 nodes will be able to be clustered together for computationally complex supercomputing applications, they will additionally be well-suited for deployment in support of large scale data mining and business intelligence applications.

Product Pricing and Availability
The new 8-way eServer p5 575 is expected to be available during the first quarter of 2005 through IBM Worldwide Sales and Distribution and IBM Business Partners. Support for AIX 5L V5.2, AIX 5L V5.3, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 (SLES 9) for POWER(TM) and Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 3 (RHEL AS 3) for POWER operating systems independently or simultaneously through logical partitions is planned for the p5-575.

IBM Cluster 1600 is a highly scalable cluster solution that will support up to 64 p5-575 nodes with up to 512 processors. IBM plans to extend the capabilities of the IBM eServer pSeries High Performance Switch (HPS) to the IBM eServer p5 575 system by the second quarter of 2005.