IBM Transforms and Simplifies Software Development With New and Enhanced Products

Most Significant Advancement in Software Development Since Rational Suite First Unified Development Teams

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LEXINGTON, MA - 13 Oct 2004: IBM today announced new products and major enhancements to the solutions from Rational software found in the IBM Software Development Platform, making it the first fully integrated and most comprehensive platform available today for end-to-end software development.

The solutions from Rational, including new products for architects, developers, testers and project managers, will unify software development teams on the open Eclipse framework and more tightly link business, development and operations functions within an organization. Because Rational's new offerings are based on Eclipse, a single, open platform, every member of the software development team can now more effectively share information throughout the development process, improving the productivity, quality, and predictability of software development.

The openness of the IBM Software Development Platform enables IBM's partners, customers or other members of the Eclipse community to develop complementary solutions that further extend IBM's software development offerings. To support this, IBM today also announced "Ready for IBM Rational software," a program through which ISVs can integrate their solutions with the IBM Software Development Platform (

"These enhancements to the IBM Software Development Platform allow clients to better leverage software development to improve their business performance," said Mike Devlin, General Manager, IBM Rational. "Basing our products on Eclipse and providing solutions that more tightly link business, development and operations, represents the most significant advancement in software development since Rational Suite first unified development teams over five years ago."

Closely aligning business, development and operations, and automating their activities enables companies to identify and work towards a shared set of business goals. This approach, called business-driven development, helps organizations more effectively anticipate the needs of their customers, gain a competitive advantage, and respond to the fluctuations of the global marketplace.

Unparalleled Integration
The tools in the IBM Software Development Platform are now based on Eclipse 3.0. This provides a vendor-neutral open source framework that helps ensure better communication and collaboration across the organization, and offers capabilities that make development teams and individuals more productive and efficient.

While the IBM Software Development Platform includes a complete set of software development solutions, it is modular so that development teams can choose only the tools they need for their project. These solutions, which are optimized for each role on the development team, provide all team members with a view of the same underlying data but visually represent it in a way that is unique to each set of specific responsibilities. This improves productivity by enabling individuals to work in an environment suited for their needs.

Extending capabilities for development teams
IBM is extending its portfolio of solutions by introducing new products that unify the business, development and operations teams and that are tailored to meet the specific needs of different team members:

IBM Rational Portfolio Manager -- a complete lifecycle solution for prioritizing, planning, managing, and measuring IT projects that will help business and development managers maximize the value of technology investments by managing IT as a business.

IBM Rational Software Architect -- a new design and development tool that will help software architects more efficiently specify and maintain all aspects of software application architecture. IBM Rational Software Architect helps improve software quality by enabling architects to validate that their application's architecture was constructed as designed and is strong and resilient to change.

IBM Rational Software Modeler -- a new Unified Modeling Language (UML) 2.0-based visual modeling and design tool for documenting and communicating the different views of a system. This new solution helps architects, system analysts, and designers ensure that their specifications, architecture, and designs are clearly defined and communicated with their stakeholders.

IBM Rational will continue to enhance and support its other modeling solutions, IBM Rational Rose and IBM Rational XDE.

IBM Rational Manual Tester -- a new, easy-to-use manual testing solution for business analysts and testers that introduces innovative techniques for manual test authoring and execution to reduce the impact of software change. Based on the Eclipse platform, IBM Rational Manual Tester can improve a team's ability to produce robust, reliable manual tests for use by distributed teams responsible for verifying application quality before deployment.

Enhancing Proven Solutions
IBM has enhanced capabilities within its existing tools by introducing new capabilities that simplify development, increase productivity and improve ease-of-use.

Rapid Application Development
IBM has enhanced IBM Rational Web Developer for WebSphere Software (formerly WebSphere Studio Site Developer) and IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software (formerly WebSphere Studio Application Developer) with new capabilities that simplify and speed Java development by automating development tasks and reducing manual coding. These comprehensive sets of easy-to-use tools include capabilities for code analysis, performance testing, portal development and UML 2.0 visual editing.

These solutions were rebranded as Rational to more clearly communicate their critical role in IBM's software development tools portfolio and to strengthen the development tools offerings that support IBM middleware. While these solutions are optimized for development on WebSphere, they are effective for development teams creating software on a range of other platforms, including BEA WebLogic and others.

"The combination of Business Objects with WebSphere Application Server and IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software enables customers to easily deploy an on demand, Web-based business intelligence solution," said Jon Dorrington, vice president of alliances, Business Objects. "WebSphere Application Server provides a flexible application architecture that can easily handle the fluctuations in user demands, so everyone in the organization has access to the information they need, when they need it, to make better business decisions and improve enterprise performance."

"Solving the customer issues of the largest consumer-oriented oriented businesses worldwide requires our CRM solution to integrate and co-exist with multiple data sources in an enterprise," said Phil Fernandez, president and chief operating officer, E.piphany. "The ability to transform and reuse legacy assets and unlock the value of existing systems is key to making every customer interaction intelligent. The IBM WebSphere Application Server and Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software provide us the business flexibility that helps E.piphany address our customers' goals and objectives."

Enhanced Functional and Performance Testing
IBM Rational Functional Tester -- this automated functional and regression testing tool for testers and Graphical User Interface (GUI) developers includes new capabilities for test customization and has been enhanced to address the needs of Microsoft .NET customers.

IBM Rational Performance Tester -- this load and performance testing tool for teams verifying Web application scalability introduces new technology for load test creation, modification, execution and results analysis.

Improved Distributed Development
IBM's Software Configuration Management (SCM) solutions, which include IBM Rational ClearCase and IBM Rational ClearQuest, were enhanced with new capabilities that will help customers reduce costs and maximize the results from their software tools investment.

These new capabilities include new Wide Area Network (WAN) client support and expanded monitoring and administration capabilities that help customers more effectively capture, control and securely manage software changes and assets from different development locations. By streamlining the administration of distributed environments, an organization can more effectively reduce costs while it continues to scale to meet changing customer needs.

Additional information on IBM's new and enhanced software development solutions is available at

Pricing and Availability
Electronic general availability for new and enhanced products will begin on December 3, 2004, and all announced products will be available by December 31, 2004.

In the United States, IBM Rational Software Architect is $5,500 per user; IBM Rational Software Modeler is $1,795 per user; IBM Rational Manual Tester is $1,500 per user; IBM Rational Web Developer for WebSphere Software is $1,000 per user; IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software is $4,000 per user; IBM Rational Functional Tester is $4,120 per user; IBM Rational Performance Tester is $1,500 per user; IBM Rational ClearCase is $4,125 per user; and IBM Rational ClearQuest is $4,535 per user.

Products are available for purchase separately and together in the Suite with both named user and floating licenses. Prices for countries other than the United States will vary due to shipping and delivery costs, custom clearance costs, translations, and other factors. Non-United States customers should consult their local sales office for the prices in their country of intended usage.

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