IBM Broadens Identity Management Portfolio to Tackle Growing Costs of Managing Users' Identities

New Integrated Solutions Help Automate Manual Processes to Reduce Costs and Complexities of Managing Identities for People, Places and Devices

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ARMONK, N.Y. - 06 Oct 2004: IBM today announced new identity management solutions designed to help businesses and government agencies approach identity management as a core business requirement - helping them protect their data, computer systems, users and facilities from unauthorized access.

Secure identity technology has emerged as a crucial mechanism for verifying an individual's identity in order to help prevent unauthorized access to any corporate resources. IBM's new services and software extend identity management beyond the typical approach of a tool that interacts only with traditional information technology, including Web applications and operating systems. By integrating identity management across an entire enterprise, including users, machines, applications and business processes, as well as "physical" identities that include biometrics, smart cards, and badge readers, IBM can help companies not only enhance security in their enterprises and assets, but also reduce costs of ad hoc, disparate solutions by consolidating the provisioning and management of identities and physical infrastructure.

Integrating identity security and access management into a business environment can be complex, time-consuming and costly. As companies add or subtract workers, devices, workplace locations and service providers, multiple 'touch' points and passwords are needed for different layers of access. Managing this process has become time consuming and cumbersome for businesses. IBM's broad approach and solutions are designed to help simplify the complex and costly process of managing identities across an organization.

To help companies integrate identity management solutions across their enterprise, IBM offers:

"Security is a crucial element of being an on demand business," said Kent Blossom, director of security and safety, IBM Global Services. "Today's workplace involves managing multiple user identities and addressing issues that span HR, computer technology, and physical facilities. With its broad software, hardware and services portfolio, IBM helps enterprises broaden their approach to manage the complexity of implementing a security enhanced, on demand work environment and enforce system security policies across facilities, networks and applications."

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