IBM Extends Corporate Technology Training Program to Individuals

Expanded National Program Features Training for Industry's Most Sought-After IT Skills

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ARMONK, NY - 12 Aug 2004: IBM is expanding the scope and focus of its award-winning continuing technology education program for corporate customers to individual IT workers -- and expanding the number of cities served by the program -- enabling IT professionals nationwide to access the IT industry's most in-demand IT skills.

In related news, analyst firm International Data Corporation (IDC) has recognized IBM as the industry leader in IT training for the second year in a row.*

IBM is aggressively expanding its IT training course offerings. Now available to individual IT workers across the United States, the courses equip individual workers with the skills they need to keep competitive in today's technology marketplace. IBM has also increased the number of course locations.

"While corporations have long turned to IBM to keep their employees' skills up-to-date, now individuals can take charge of their IT careers by acquiring the industry's most sought-after IT skills," said Marcelo Roman, director, IBM IT Education Services, Americas. "IBM is now making it a priority to empower individual IT workers by making it easier for them to invest in their IT careers with public education courses."

"By expanding the scope and locations where IT training courses are available, IBM is making it easier for technology and management professionals to get the top-quality training they need to further their careers. Thousands of IT professionals can now receive proven, effective hands-on technology and management training from IBM closer to where they live and work," he added.

IBM public courses give professionals hands-on experience in areas such as Linux, wireless integration, security, Cisco networking, enterprise databases, Java, and Web Services/XML. IBM public education courses are now offered in 67 cities across the country, including Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Dallas, Boston, Atlanta, Charlotte, Houston, Miami, Denver, Philadelphia, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Baltimore, San Diego, Detroit, San Francisco and Washington DC.

The expansion of IBM's public education offerings follows on the heels of the company's recently launched initiative for college students, in which IBM is collaborating with educators to teach the open standards skills necessary to compete and keep pace with changes in the unfolding information technology (IT) workplace. The IBM Academic Initiative helps prepare college students for the jobs of tomorrow before entering the workplace.

Maintaining marketable and competitive skills is a challenge faced by many professionals, yet in the next decade, the demand for highly skilled IT workers will be higher than ever. According to research firm Forrester, "[In the next few years] odds are that we could once again be in an environment where demand outstrips supply, especially in highly sought-after skill areas like Java programming, Web Services and security, to name a few." (Forrester, "IT Employment: Is the Glass Empty or Half Full?" October 7, 2003)

IBM public education classes incorporate traditional learning, classroom training and blended learning, which combines classroom, e-learning and mentoring. For more information on IBM's training portfolio, please visit