IBM Demonstrates New Software Development Capabilities at User Conference

New Capabilities Enable Development Teams to Drive Innovation and Productivity

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GRAPEVINE, TX - 19 Jul 2004: At the Rational Software Development User Conference, IBM today unveiled its current plans for new capabilities that are expected to be available in the IBM Software Development Platform by the end of 2004.

The new software development solutions are designed to help organizations innovate and increase their productivity by improving communication and automating the activities that span line-of-business, development and operations teams.

Mike Devlin, General Manager, IBM Rational, demonstrated the new capabilities during his keynote and discussed examples of companies that have innovated and gained a competitive advantage by embracing a business-driven approach to software development. Through business-driven development, organizations can improve their ability to achieve greater value from all of their assets, including business processes, legacy systems, middleware, software components, and other intellectual property.

"By utilizing the IBM Software Development Platform to tightly link their business, development and operations teams, clients can optimize business value, accelerate software development, and better leverage runtime platforms and IBM middleware," Devlin said.

Deeper, Richer Integration
Many of the new capabilities in the IBM Software Development Platform are based on Eclipse 3.0 technologies, which are designed to provide a vendor-neutral framework for sharing development artifacts. These artifacts include requirements, models, code, test cases and defects.

The Eclipse framework can make it easier for vendors, including IBM, to integrate their products, providing development teams with access to hundreds of complementary solutions. It can also provide role-based user interfaces that enable team members to work in an environment that is tailored for their unique needs.

Simplified Design and Construction
The new IBM Rational design and construction solutions can help to simplify and speed application development. The new capabilities will support:

New Software Quality Solutions
The new IBM Rational software quality solutions are based on the Eclipse Hyades integrated test, trace and monitoring environment. This infrastructure enables the delivery of integrated design, test, analysis and monitoring products for analysts, architects, developers, testers and administrators. The result is a unified, cross-lifecycle quality-focused solution that underpins IBM's Continuously Ensure Quality initiative.

Developers and architects can benefit from these new capabilities for component test generation, analysis of application architecture, customizable rule checking and runtime analysis. Developers and testers can benefit from the new load testing solutions and new integrations with Tivoli for performance analysis of deployed applications. Testers can have access to new and improved functional testing support for Java, Web, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, zSeries and iSeries. Teams can be provided with new support for manual testing.

By providing software quality capabilities tailored for the needs of analysts, architects, developers, testers and administrators, IBM makes it easier for teams to deliver higher quality products.

Enhanced Distributed Development
By offering new Wide Area Network (WAN) client support and expanded monitoring and administration capabilities within IBM software configuration management (SCM) solutions, IBM helps to enable clients to more effectively capture, control and securely manage software changes and assets from many development locations. This can help organizations control operational costs, reduce mistakes caused by lack of communication, and maintain a secure development organization.

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