IBM And Motorola Computer Group to Work Together on Computing Platforms for Telecom Applications

Motorola to Include IBM eServer BladeCenter in Application-Enabled Platform Offerings; IBM to Add Motorola Technology to eServer Systems

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CHICAGO - 23 Jun 2004: IBM and Motorola Computer Group today announced that they plan to work together to promote highly integrated, standards-based computing platform technologies for telecommunications based on IBM's industry leading eServer BladeCenter system(1).

The joint announcement combines the strengths of both companies - IBM's leadership in the enterprise server market and Motorola Computer Group's leadership in communications and real-time, embedded computing technology. This unique collaboration seeks to provide the first "from enterprise to the network edge" computing solutions, which can allow customers to improve time-to-market of their products, help reduce risk and help lower operational costs.

As part of the agreement, Motorola Computer Group plans to include IBM eServer BladeCenter, BladeCenter T and xSeries rack-optimized servers in its Application-Enabling Platform lineup. IBM plans to incorporate Motorola's Service Availability Forum (SAF) Application Interface Specification (AIS) compliant high availability software in a future version of the recently announced IBM eServer Integrated Platform for Telecommunications (IP-T).

"IBM and Motorola Computer Group are both strong supporters of the movement to open computing platforms for telecommunications equipment manufacturers and carriers," said Jim Pertzborn, vice president, Telecommunications Industry, IBM Systems and Technology Group. "IBM's industry leading BladeCenter family combined with the rich functionality of the Carrier Grade Open Environment will facilitate rapid deployment of high performance on demand services for the telecommunications industry."

IBM and Motorola are committed to the new Open Communications Architecture Forum (OCAF), Carrier Grade Operating Environment (CGOE) and Linux operating system. Both are working to accelerate the acceptance of CGOE as the standards-based environment of choice for deploying commercial-of the shelf (COTS) technology in telecom applications and platforms.

"This collaboration reflects the move to a COTS-based computing infrastructure to support the convergence of enterprise and communications applications in the telecom industry," said Wendy Vittori, corporate vice president and general manager, Motorola Computer Group. "Working with industry leaders such as IBM to create integrated, standards-based telecom computing platforms enables Motorola Computer Group to help our customers optimize their supply chain so they can focus on adding unique application value for their customers."

Subsequent announcements expect to detail specific solutions, development and distribution specifics.

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