IBM Unveils New Software Technology for Java Developers

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SOMERS, NY - 21 Jun 2004: IBM today announced the availability of several new Java-based technologies that simplify the creation, test and evaluation of applications and help enable the rapid deployment of reliable Java software and services. The technologies will be previewed next week at the JavaOne conference in San Francisco, CA (June 28 - July 1) and will be made available for developers to download for free on IBM's alphaWorks Website.

IBM has been a strong supporter and leading innovator in the use of Java. For more than seven years the company has showcased numerous software and resources on its alphaWorks Website to provide developers with an opportunity to experience emerging technologies at their earliest stages of development. In the last six months, IBM alphaWorks has sold several Java technology licenses, previewed more than 14 Java-based software technologies on it's Website and has had nearly 70,000 Java technology downloads.

"IBM alphaWorks is a virtual exhibit of Java-related software technologies coming out of our research and development labs worldwide," said Marc Goubert, manager, IBM alphaWorks and Developer Relations. "Our site provides a broad set of innovative technologies and resources, including APIs, devkits and utilities that developers can download and test for free to quickly get started with creating the software industry's next big breakthrough."

IBM's latest developer offerings include a Java-based game dubbed CodeRuler. Built as an Eclipse plug-in, developers can easily program code using a simple Java API. If several machines exist on a network, developers can send code to the server and preview the most current code submitted by other development teams. This feature provides a unified way to test all existing game code in real-time. CodeRuler was originally built for this year's ACM International Collegiate Programming Competition.

Other offerings are:
Method Scheduler for Java (MS4J) allows developers to execute methods on Java objects asynchronously and repeatedly to keep the data cache fresh and reduce response times and enhance the stability of a Website. MS4J has been powering IBM's intranet portal,, since 2001.

Asynchronous IO for Java (AJava) is an optimized solution for helping Java servers manage high volume distribution and enables input/output to be performed on sockets and files asynchronously. Java server applications need to be able to scale to tens of thousands of client connections (referred to as the "C10K" problem). AJava ensures that a Java server's application threads can hand-off I/O operations to underlying subsystems and while continuing to process other requests.

Application Privacy Monitoring for JDBC (APM4JDBC) is a Java/SQL library that works with IBM's Tivoli Privacy Manager. APM4JDBC provides privacy monitoring functions for J2EE applications running on a WebSphere application server and connected to IBM DB2 using JDBC.

Development Tool for Java-COM Bridge is an eclipse-based tool for developing and enabling tight communication between Java- and COM-based applications. An application running on the Microsoft Windows systems is typically constructed of a set of interconnecting components entirely based on Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) technology. The Rational Java-COM Bridge development tool enables the integration of both COM- and Java-based components in one application and allows the two kinds of components to communicate bi-directionally through Java Native Interface technology.

IBM's Java technology developer zones on alphaWorks and developerWorks contain hundreds of articles, Webcasts, technology downloads and tips to help a developer make the most of Java-language technology and related applications. IBM developerWorks also hosts a series of introductory, intermediate and advanced tutorials on how to develop software applications based on Java. For more information on the tutorials or to download the above technologies for free, please visit the IBM alphaWorks Java technology Zone at IBM alphaWorks will also have some of its Java technologies on display during the JavaOne conference in San Francisco, CA June 28 - July 1 at booth #701.

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