Landmark and IBM Agree to Offer On Demand Computing for Seismic Processing

Service provides flexible access to leading technology

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HOUSTON, Texas, Tuesday - 08 Jun 2004: Landmark Graphics Corporation, a wholly owned business unit of Halliburton, announced today it has reached an agreement with IBM to provide "On Demand" access to computing technology for seismic processing services. Landmark will tap into the global IBM network of Deep Computing Capacity On Demand computing centers to provide scalable access to information storage and computing resources for Landmark's seismic processing customers.

"This offering goes to the heart of many of our customers' needs by supplying computing technology as required, without large, up front capital investments," said Peter Bernard, president, Landmark. "More of our customers are taking advantage of Landmark's Managed Services, through both data and software application hosting. With IBM On Demand technology, Landmark's seismic processing customers will now be able to access and pay for computing power, only as needed."

Customers of Landmark's seismic processing software will be able to process larger seismic volumes and provide faster project turnaround through this subscription model. This service requires no capital investment for high-performance computing and is especially valuable for prestack imaging, using ProMAX™, SeisSpace™ and other technology. The overflow compute capacity for peak usage means a lower hardware investment. Secure remote access capabilities also makes the On Demand model ideal for collaborative seismic processing and interpretation workflows.

"On Demand Computing provides a new option for companies that want supercomputing power but not the fixed costs and operational responsibility of owning a supercomputer to service their core or peak processing requirements," said Mark Enzweiler, general manager, IBM chemicals and petroleum industry. "Customers now have the option to either buy supercomputer clusters or access these systems on demand, paying for processing power based on the required capacity and duration of use."

By leveraging IBM On Demand capabilities to offer this service, Landmark is increasing capability for managed IT service offerings with a unique seismic processing service. Landmark is offering customers the ability to have rapid turnaround and high performance computing, as required, for seismic processing. Whether Landmark performs any or all of the interpretive processing tasks, the On Demand model will be used to augment computing resources and ensure reduced cycle time and high service quality.

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