IBM and Pershing Set New Precedent for Data Recovery

Pershing Implements New Storage Solution to Create One of World's Largest Mirrored Data Centers

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CAMBRIDGE, MA & JERSEY CITY, NJ - 12 May 2004: IBM and Pershing, a member of BNY Securities Group and a subsidiary of The Bank of New York, today announced the implementation of an enhanced IBM computing infrastructure that is designed to reduce Pershing's disaster recovery window to mere seconds. Pershing's unique business requirements, arising from the volatility of market volume and the unpredictability of market opening activity, led the firm to select IBM's Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex (GDPS) and Extended Remote Copy (XRC) software solutions.

This new storage infrastructure, totaling more than 100 terabytes, provides the foundation for one of the largest and most efficient data mirroring implementations in the clearing and financial services outsourcing industry. With the objective of significantly reducing the potential for data loss and obtaining cost and time savings, Pershing upgraded older ESS storage subsystems with 18 new IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Servers (ESS) bringing their total number of ESS to 22. A recent audit of the technology verified an improvement of more than 40 percent in the Recovery Point Objective, making Pershing one of the most efficient IBM production data mirroring facilities.

"Our emphasis on ensuring the integrity and availability of the securities data we receive and deliver led us to choose IBM as our technology provider to build and support one of the world's largest mirrored-data centers," said Brian T. Shea, chief operating officer, Pershing. "Since that time, we have been able to enhance and optimize our infrastructure for peak performance to provide our customers and their clients unprecedented support and reliability, an important measure of Pershing's success."

Pershing's integrated IT environment is comprised of IBM servers, storage systems, and software. The installed technology supports a mirrored data center that automatically copies more than 30 terabytes of information -- equal to the text content of 30 million 400-page books -- between Pershing's primary and secondary technology centers. This rapid data backup helps to keep business-critical information available to Pershing and the nearly 1,100 financial services customers they support in the event of a business disruption that affects one of the data centers.

Pershing's mirrored data center is one of the largest of its kind to utilize IBM's GDPS and XRC software technologies. GDPS and XRC are advanced functions that enable Pershing to rapidly copy information between the primary and secondary data centers. In addition, the ESS's FlashCopy function has allowed Pershing to further automate the backup recovery process and provide additional point-in-time backups to support quick recovery. The solution also includes IBM TotalStorage Virtual Tape Servers, and IBM Global Services is providing consulting and product specialists to the project, to help Pershing to optimize its infrastructure for top performance.

"Increasing demand for online financial information and transactions is growing exponentially, and leading financial services firms like Pershing are expanding their computing infrastructures to support a growing need to support mission-critical, 24x7 data availability," said Tom Hawk, General Manager, IBM Enterprise Storage. "Pershing's mirrored data center is one of the largest IBM storage installations of its kind and demonstrates our ability to deliver and optimize leading-edge solutions for the most technologically-challenging customer environments."

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