IBM Introduces New Storage Products and Technologies to Help Address Regulatory Compliance Needs

Company Unveils Storage Products to Help Manage Information on Demand

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ARMONK, NY - 12 May 2004: Expanding its broad portfolio of products for companies facing the need to address growing data retention and government regulatory concerns, IBM today announced new tape and disk storage products that help companies address those needs while taking advantage of new, lower-cost technologies. The new storage products can help companies efficiently manage the lifecycle of data from creation to disposal.

The IBM® TotalStorage® FAStT100 Storage Server and Write Once Read Many (WORM) media technology for the IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Tape Drive 3592 join a number of newly released IBM products and technologies that are designed to provide companies with tools to address data retention needs while offering new levels of security, reliability and technology investment protection.

"Today we extend IBM's vision of Information on Demand -- a comprehensive strategy including products and services to help clients adapt to the changing requirements of information management," said Rich Lechner, vice president, storage systems at IBM. "IBM is helping clients simplify their infrastructure, manage information over its lifecycle and create a rock-solid platform for business continuity."

Near-Line Disk Storage for Lower-Cost Data Retention
An entry-level disk storage system, the IBM TotalStorage FAStT100 Storage Server uses SATA (serial advanced technology attachment) technology to offer a lower-cost price point. The FAStT100 inherits many of the advanced functions and capabilities of the FAStT600, but is optimized for near-line storage with low-cost SATA drive technology. The result is a disk solution designed to provide small and medium-sized companies with a high performance, long-term storage solution for infrequently accessed data.

Many businesses today must retain a vast amount of information and have that data available on demand. Near-line storage provided by the FAStT100 allows clients to address these requirements with an affordable and scalable solution.

For example, companies within the financial services industry have a need to retain transaction records and auditing information, though that type of data is seldom accessed. The FAStT100 is a low-cost solution that allows financial service companies to maintain quick access to this information.

The FAStT100, with IBM TotalStorage FAStT Storage Manager software, can help improve storage management as well as make it easy to add new servers and applications with a common management tool. Using the FAStT Storage Manager software, administrators can partition the FAStT100 Storage Server into as many as 16 storage partitions. Storage partitioning technology allows administrators to strategically allocate storage capacity, helping to increase the utilization of storage space and to reduce storage management costs.

As with other FAStT controllers, the FAStT100 features Dynamic Volume Expansion and Dynamic Capacity Expansion. Dynamic Volume Expansion is designed to allow administrators to resize logical volumes non-disruptively. This flexibility is suitable for applications that have rapidly growing data requirements, such as Lotus Notes® and Microsoft Exchange. Dynamic Capacity Expansion allows for the addition of new disk drives to a RAID array to increase capacity to the array while the system remains operational.

The FAStT100 is designed to interoperate with IBM eServer(TM) pSeries® and IBM eServer xSeries® servers as well as with other industry Intel® processor-based and UNIX®-based servers.

Tape Storage for Long Term Data Retention
IBM today announced significant enhancements to its broad tape portfolio, including the introduction of Write Once Read Many (WORM) media technology for the Model 3592 tape drive. This new tape storage technology is of particular interest to companies that need to securely store large quantities of electronic records for regulatory and internal audit requirements, though they will seldom need to access such information.

Also introduced is a new 60GB short-length, economy cartridge for the 3592 tape drive for applications that require fast retrieval response times for individual data sets. Both the 60GB and the previously released 300GB 3592 cartridges are available in WORM and non-WORM formats.

In addition to the current automation environments that support the Model 3592 drive, new models of the IBM TotalStorage UltraScalable Tape Library 3584 will provide support for the drives, allowing the Model 3592 drive and IBM TotalStorage Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Ultrium Tape Drives to coexist in the same Model 3584 tape library -- bringing highly-anticipated WORM capability to Model 3584 owners.

The new models of the 3584 Tape Library provide a 20 percent reduction in library footprint over the previous generation, while continuing to scale to 192 drives and over 6000 cartridge slots in a single library. With this new capability, clients can better tailor the library to match their system capacity, performance and application requirements.

When combined with the recently announced IBM TotalStorage Data Retention 450 disk-based solution, this innovative set of tape storage products allows IBM to provide an even deeper level of information lifecycle management functionality to help clients address their data retention and regulatory requirements.

IBM Business Partners to Deliver New Compliance Software
To complete the lifecycle of data needs for clients, IBM recently announced the delivery of new middleware offerings -- Content Management for Message Monitoring and Retention, Tivoli Security Compliance Manager, Lotus Workplace for Business Controls and Reporting, and the Basel II Information Management Offering. The middleware offerings are designed to help customers address a variety of regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, SEC 17 and others.

Already more than 20 IBM Business Partners are supporting IBM's compliance software offerings that can help clients address regulatory mandates. Some of those IBM Business Partners include Abreon Group, Acumen Advanced Technologies, Ascential Software, Blue World Information Technology, iLumin, iRise, GlobalVision Consulting GmbH, Hyperion, Informatica, QuickCompliance, Silicon Plains Technologies, SkillSoft and ZipLip.

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