IBM Delivers Services and Solutions for Managing Mid-Size Customers' Computing Environments

Express Portfolio Expands With Offerings That Improve Resiliency and Manageability of Network Infrastructure

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ARMONK, NY - 28 Apr 2004: IBM today announced four new offerings designed to make the mission-critical network infrastructure of mid-size companies easier to manage and more cost efficient, and to keep them running in the event of a disaster. The new network resiliency and manageability services are part of IBM's expanding Express portfolio of products, services and solutions specifically designed for mid-size businesses.

The new IBM Express solutions include a service through which IBM remotely monitors and manages a customer's complete technology infrastructure and a package which helps mid-size businesses improve the availability of their eServer iSeries systems, leveraging technology from Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).

Computing networks continue to grow more complex as mid-size companies increasingly connect technology from multiple vendors. As these networks grow, maintaining peak performance becomes labor intensive and requires a diverse skills set in multiple computing environments. For mid-size businesses, which often have smaller information technology (IT) staffs, these tasks often become overwhelming.

In todays on demand business climate, mid-size businesses need to have confidence that their systems will not fail and need to mitigate the impact in case failures occur. IBM, through its Express development process, has identified several key areas where complementary services can reduce the cost and complexity of systems management, enable better use of assets, and improve availability, and resiliency based on business policy and objectives.

To address these growing issues, IBM is introducing four new network and server management solutions:

IBM Network Operations and Management Services -- designed to help free mid-size businesses from the day-to-day management of their computing infrastructure, this comprehensive service enables IBM to remotely monitor the customer's network seven days per week, twenty-four hours per day. The solution tracks network performance, system health and component problems and delivers software and firmware updates vital to the businesses' infrastructure. The IBM service provides customers monthly and near real time on-line reports on system performance and status. Customers can access an Internet portal to view network status, helping administrators identify issues immediately.

IBM Infrastructure Recovery Services for mid-market -- a competitively-priced service which helps mid-size businesses take the first step in building a comprehensive business recovery plan to help prepare for unforeseen business interruptions. This service includes a two-day consulting workshop in which IBM and the customer collaborate to build a customized recovery plan using IBM methodologies. Customers also have the option of running a recovery exercise. The service, which is part of IBM's Business Continuity and Recovery Services, also provides a pre-configured eServer iSeries or pSeries system for temporary use during an outage emergency.

IBM Infrastructure Recovery Services can be purchased directly from IBM or through IBM Business Partners.

IBM Infrastructure Management Express Portfolio Solution on iSeries -- this solution for mid-size businesses helps customers simplify complex IT environments consisting of existing iSeries servers running OS/400 and Intel-based servers running Windows applications. Managing all this infrastructure is expensive, and requires resources devoted to systems management and administration.

iSeries Infrastructure Management Express combines hardware, software and services into a single, affordable, easy-to-configure package based on an IBM eServer iSeries 800 Standard or Advanced Edition combined with the Integrated xSeries Server for iSeries for running Windows applications on the iSeries. With a single server, the iSeries, customers can reduce the complexity of managing multiple operating systems (OS/400, Windows and Linux) and applications in their IT environments, achieving a stable and secure foundation for business growth and new application deployment.

The total cost of the solution includes special services provided by either IBM or an IBM Business Partner at attractive IBM Global Financing (IGF) lease rates. It includes one day of Windows integration, a half-day of migration planning services (offered by IBM or Business Partners at regional billable rates), 24x7 SupportLine access, and one year of prepaid maintenance and installation. IBM will provide pickup and proper disposal of an eligible replaced AS/400 at no additional charge. Customers with Linux environments receive standard Linux support and one day of Linux implementation services. Starting price for the solution is $30,000. With an optional 36-month IBM Global Financing lease, the price can be as low as $775 per month.

IBM High Availability Express Portfolio Solution on iSeries -- this new solution builds on iSeries' legendary reliability and adds innovative on demand capabilities to help customers improve their overall IT asset utilization, increase customer loyalty and protect against potential lost business opportunity. iSeries High Availability Express, powered by an IBM eServer iSeries HA810 system, is intended to help eliminate planned downtime while also helping to reduce unplanned outages.

The IBM High Availability Express Portfolio Solution on iSeries allows customers to link multiple iSeries systems via high-function third-party software from selected vendors, including Data Mirror, iTera, Lakeview Technology, Maximum Availability, Trader's and Vision Solutions. Where applicable, this high-availability offering also comes with 24x7 SupportLine access and one year of prepaid maintenance and installation. The solution is priced as low as $51,000, with an IBM Global Financing lease rate as low as $1,935 per month for 36 months.

IBM's Express Portfolio
The IBM Express Portfolio offers hardware, middleware, services and financing -- all tailored to the needs of mid-size businesses -- that can be acquired, installed and managed quickly, are cost-effective, and deliver a rapid return on investment (ROI). More than 60 offerings in the IBM Express portfolio enable customers to improve the responsiveness and flexibility of their IT infrastructure, so they can concentrate on their core businesses. And because cash flow is one of the most pressing issues for mid-sized businesses, the IBM Express Portfolio is more affordable with a series of attractive financing options. To learn more about IBM's Express Portfolio visit: