IBM Wins Six Design Awards in International Competition

IBM Personal Systems Honored by Industrie Forum Design in Germany

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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC - 18 Mar 2004: IBM today announced its Personal Systems Group has received six Industrie Forum Design awards for design leadership in flat panel displays, keyboards, software screensaver features and retail store systems. The awards were presented at CeBit, an international exhibition in Hannover, Germany, for information technology, telecommunications, software and services. This year, 735 entrants from 32 countries competed for the Industrie Forum awards, with a total of 1,630 entries.

IBM ThinkVision Flat Panel Displays won three of the six awards, underlining IBM's efforts in ThinkVantage Design to provide customers with increased flexibility, comfort and productivity. The ThinkVision L150, a 15-inch flat panel LCD monitor; the L170p, a 17-inch high-end flat panel LCD monitor; and the L200p, a 20.1-inch high-end flat panel LCD monitor, were honored for their ergonomic designs. IBM also won for its USB Keyboard with UltraNav; the SurePOS 700 point-of-sale system; and the ThinkPad Features Screensaver.

IBM flat panel displays feature a cantilever stand that offers smooth, effortless tilt and lift adjustments for comfortable viewing. The stand keeps the base stationary while allowing the monitor to swivel 135 degrees in either direction. Each monitor offers direct access to frequently used functions. Analog or digital system attachment and dual input allow the monitors to be attached to two systems simultaneously.

IBM's USB Keyboard with UltraNav was recognized for ergonomics designed to provide desktop users with ThinkPad-like notebook flexibility and comfort. This keyboard incorporates TrackPoint and touchpad pointing devices, tiered key rows, matte key finish and a wider space bar.

The IBM SurePOS 700 point-of-sale system introduces greater flexibility for retailers migrating to a new generation of technology. The system's "SurePorts" provide a set of ports that support most industry standard I/O connections, and the mixing and matching of different products. In addition, the SurePOS 700 models offer new choices in the look, feel and capabilities of their systems.

The IBM ThinkPad Features Screensaver delivers useful information related to 10 different product features in the form of a resident screensaver. For example, when showing the IBM ThinkLight, the screensaver shows the key stroke combination used to turn the light on, and an animated depiction of the light beam. The screensaver is preloaded on all new IBM ThinkPads and is also available for download from

"IBM ThinkVantage Design is about creating synergy between form and function that solves user frustrations," said David Hill, Director of Design for the IBM Personal Systems Group. "Our goal is to use meaningful innovation to design a better ownership experience. IBM is honored to receive these six awards, that build on our historic design leadership in personal computing."


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