Sparkassen Informatik (SI) Chooses IBM Mainframe Platform in a Strategic Decision for an On Demand IT Infrastructure

SI Simplifies Their IT Infrastructure and Consolidates Onto 20 IBM eServer zSeries z990s

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MUENSTER & FRANKFURT, GERMANY - 20 Feb 2004: IBM today announced that Sparkassen Informatik (SI), a leading German retail banking solution provider for savings banks, will consolidate its IT platform by moving onto 20 IBM eServer zSeries z990s. With this new contract, SI will create an IT infrastructure to meet increasing demand as they extend their service offerings.

Sparkassen Informatik currently provides on demand solutions for retail banking and IT services to more than half of Germany's savings banks, constituting approximately 25 per cent of Germany's total retail banking sector. With 23 billion transactions per year, SI is dealing with one of the largest transaction volumes in the German retail banking market and is one of the largest service providers in this area.

"We already provide IT services to over half the savings banks in Germany and are keen to extend our service offering from this strong base," said Fridolin Neumann, CEO, Sparkassen Informatik. "The absolute key to this is the right IT infrastructure, so we can provide the best possible service to our existing customers. This is a hugely competitive market and the IBM zSeries 990s will enable us to provide a very compelling proposition to our existing and new customers alike with outstanding and cost-competitive data center services."

SI is firmly committed to IBM's zSeries as a strategic platform, consolidating from 36 zSeries 900s to 20 zSeries 990s, providing an increase in processing capacity to 100,000 MIPS (Million Instructions per Second) . SI estimates that its services currently support approximately 30 million end users throughout Germany.

Fridolin Neumann added: "Our mission is to become a standard solution for the retail banking business. This means we need a platform with the potential to enable us to provide continual performance/cost benefits to our customers as well as to be able to meet the market demand for production performance. IBM was able to provide us with such a platform."

SI is currently rolling out its latest on demand solution for retail banking, the Sparkassen System OSPlus to 150 savings banks in Germany and, combined with the zSeries 990 platform roll out, expects to be able to provide cost savings of more than 200 million Euros by the beginning of 2005.