IBM Offers Solution for Regulatory Compliance

IBM TotalStorage Data Retention 450 Targets Growing Government and Industry Regulations

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ARMONK, NY - 19 Feb 2004: IBM today announced a new integrated system targeting clients facing looming government and industry regulations that need to retain and preserve electronic business records quickly and safely. The IBM TotalStorage Data Retention 450 integrates storage, server and software retention components into a single, securable cabinet.

"New demands have been placed on companies of all sizes to manage large amounts of content and data," said Rich Lechner, vice president, IBM Storage Systems. "We see compliance as an opportunity to help clients improve their business operations and gain control and advantage from their information assets. IBM offers end-to-end solutions, including industry specific expertise to the marketplace. Today's announcement demonstrates IBM's focus on supplying a comprehensive set of compliance and data retention products."

Integrating IBM eServer pSeries POWER processor-based servers with IBM TotalStorage products and new IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Data Retention software, this system is designed to provide a central point of control to help manage growing compliance and data retention needs. The powerful system, which fits into a securable cabinet, supports the ability to retain data without alteration throughout its lifetime. The system's compact design can help with fast and easy deployment, and incorporates an open and flexible architecture.

All of the components of this solution are also available as individual products that can be assembled by clients, IBM Business Partners or IBM Global Services into customized configurations. Clients have the flexibility to create a compliance and data retention system by leveraging a wide variety of servers and storage products to meet their needs, allowing it to be integrated into an existing or growing technology infrastructure.

Regulated information can include e-mail, instant messages, business transactions, contracts or insurance claims processing, all of which may need to be retained for varying periods of time. The IBM TotalStorage Data Retention 450 is well-suited for companies seeking to deal with the data retention and corporate governance requirements of laws and regulations ranging from Sarbanes-Oxley to HIPAA to SEC Regulation 17a-4.

To help clients better respond to changing business environments as they transform their infrastructure, the Data Retention 450 can be shipped with as few as 3.5 terabytes and can expand up to 56 terabytes, (equal to 56 million full-length novels) to meet massive data requirements. This flexible architecture can also help increase the scalability and performance of applications.

IBM TotalStorage Data Retention Innovative Technology
At the heart of the new system is IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Data Retention. This new industry changing software is designed to help customers protect the integrity of data as well as automatically enforce data retention policies. Using policy-based management, data can be stored indefinitely, based on a retention event, or have a predetermined expiration date. In addition, the retention enforcement feature may be applied to data using deletion hold and release interfaces which hold data for an indefinite period of time during pending audits or investigations. This automated technology is well-suited for companies that may be subject to litigation, audit, or other inquiries, and require records already under retention to be protected for the length of the inquiry.

The new software can also verify that data is written correctly and help ensure that no modifications or deletions are made after it is stored. With support for open standards, the new technology is designed to provide customers flexibility to use a variety of content management or archive applications, as well as a choice of more than 600 different storage devices on which to enforce retention policies throughout the life of the data. This allows clients to effectively choose and manage the best storage devices for their infrastructure.

The Tivoli Storage Manager for Data Retention is embedded on an IBM eServer p615 using POWER 4+ processors. This entry-level server has many of the attributes of IBM's high-end servers, providing outstanding technology advancements.

Tape storage is critical for long-term data archiving, and IBM provides customers with a comprehensive range of tape solutions. The IBM TotalStorage Data Retention 450 supports IBM's TotalStorage Enterprise Tape Drive 3592 as well as the Linear Tape Open family of tape products. In addition, upcoming support for IBM's Write Once Read Many (WORM) media technology for the IBM TotalStorage 3592 will provide media encoded non-rewriteablity and non-erasability. This future capability will be of particular interest to customers that need to store large quantities of electronic records to meet regulatory and internal audit requirements.

IBM provides a full range of services and support for IBM products including installation maintenance. The new IBM TotalStorage Data Retention 450 will start at $ 141,600 and will be available in March 2004.

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